Newbie here... Long time beauty junkie

Newbie here... Long time beauty junkie


Heya everyone :slight_smile:

Totally cosmetic obsessed 26y/o here and somehow my boyfriend understands totally… He believes it’s like his ever growing tool collection. (How did I bag this one? He’s a keeper!)

I live in Melbourne… I love coffee, shopping, makeup, shopping, oh god I love shopping and especially shopping for cosmetics.

I’m possibly the most girliest out of my friends, so online is my saviour… Likeminded people!! :slight_smile:

Can’t update my profile and my posts aren’t visible just yet… Cmon Adore :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


welcome :waving:


Thanks Sarah! :smiley:


Hello I’m new too and I’m a total beauty obsessive. I also have a beauty blog
I’d greatly appreciate it if you could check it out and leave feedback :slight_smile: