NIOD products

NIOD products


Hi there, I am new to this site and just ordered and started using NIOD products. Just wondering if anyone else has / is using and has any recommendations or tips relating to these products.

Thankyou in advance,



@saramontagnese I am really interested to know as well. I’ve tried The Ordinary and Hylamide products both also owned by DECIEM (who do NIOD) but have been curious about NIOD. What products have you started using and how are they faring so far?


Hi @christined,

I started using the products only last week but already I have seen a huge improvement in my skin. I am not getting any new spots and the ones I had are healing really fast. The overall appearance of my skin is much more even as well. I bought the NIOD starter pack and CAIS (I already had HV).

AM: Gentle face wash, CAIS, MMHC, FECC, HV, sunscreen
PM: LVCE, CAIS, MMHC, FECC, HV (if required).

The products aren’t what I would call ‘beautiful to use’ as the smell / texture is completely different to that of most brands however the results so far have been amazing. I haven’t used any other DECIEM products to offer a comparison sorry.


Hi @saramontagnese I’m currently using the fractionated eye contouring serum and it is pretty impressive. I used this under a silicone eye pad and was seriously seriously impressed. I’ve only done it once and need to check that this is a re-creatable effect (which is why I haven’t been shouting about it off the rooftops yet). I have a crease that runs under each eye like a smile and this just disappeared. I’ve been advised that it is perfect for small wrinkles - it isn’t designed for puffiness or dark circles. I’ve been using any excess around my mouth with noticeably good effects as well.


omg @tinamiller… you are seriously selling me on this. I want to try it now. Do you think the silicone eye pad is necessary? I’ve started getting fine creases under my eyes in the last year and would love something to work on this.


Thanks @tinamiller! I will try doing that.


Yep I think so @christined as the crease is still there albeit significantly reduced if the serum is used by itself. I’ve just changed jobs and preparing to return to Uni so haven’t had much ‘pamper’ time again yet. I shall experiment again later this week and will post an update.


About a year ago I tried CAIS, completely fell in love with it, then stopped using it. What?! Why did I do that?

I just repurchased it when it was discounted (the current formula is being discontinued and replaced with an updated and better formula, I’m excited for that also) and once again I am totally smitten with this serum. I can’t explain exactly what it does to my skin, but overall it just looks so much healthier when I’m using this serum. I will definitely be keeping up with it this time!

Another product I’m completely smitten with is the Voicemail Masque:

I was originally terrified because of the colour (it’s like a yellow tone) and I was worried it was going to stain my pillowcase when left on overnight, but it didn’t. My skin looked so glowy the next day it was unreal.