Not feeling good about my body

Not feeling good about my body


When I was younger, I had so much acne that nobody wanted to ask me out. It was only during uni when I learned how to maintain my oily and acne-prone face. It cleared up and some men got interested. It’s just so sad that our society is so pumped up about the concept of beauty because I was very much affected by it. When I saw this article online from betterhelp, I just had to share.


Thanks for sharing that article @camerontoulene ! Have you tried any of the Beauty Chef products? They’re great for getting you healthy from the inside. I always find that if I feel healthy and fit and am getting the right nutrients I also feel better on the outside.


Hey Cameron! I struggled with serious acne, in fact my dermatologist thought it would clear up in a year (that was 3 years ago). I found this experience both positive and negative, i lost a lot of friends but found true ones. All the f-boys stayed away from me, which meant I didn’t experience the typical teenage heartbreaks. I am now 15 and have acne scars, hormonal pimples, and mild cystic acne (it is genetic). I think that as you get older you begin to see the positives in the negatives.

Thank you so much for sharing the article.