Oat Milk For Your Hair?

Oat Milk For Your Hair?


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Don’t worry, I’m not going to tell you to prepare a bowl of breakfast oats to wash your hair with. In fact, I’m going to introduce you to one of my favourite French pharmacy haircare brands - Klorane.

If you follow Bec Judd on Instagram, you would’ve seen her post regularly about her favourite dirty hair styling fix - Klorane Oat Milk Dry Shampoo. And there’s an Oat Milk Shampoo and Conditioner that I’d like you to get acquainted with too.

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What Is It?

Oatmilk extract (or Avena sativa L. if you want to get technical) is used for its high content of lipids and vitamins, which soften, protect, and moisturise all hair types. Klorane harvest this ingredient in France and obtain the extract from the liquid extraction of the complete seed.

What Are The Benefits?

  • Ensures hair is delicately and effectively cleansed

  • Has a soft, silky formulation enriched with French Oat Milk extract

  • A gentle, soothing & extra-mild formula

  • Gives the hair lightweight volume with natural bounce

  • Gently detangles the hair & eliminates ‘static’

  • Nourishes the hair while restoring the natural balance of the scalp

  • Hair is left light, shiny, and full

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Who's It For?

The gentle, soothing and protective formulation of Klorane’s Oat Milk Shampoo & Conditioner is ideal for the entire family, suitable for all hair types, and can be used daily. It’s gentle enough for sensitive scalps and has been dermatologist tested. An added bonus? It’s free from parabens and silicones, and is cruelty-free!


What About The Dry Shampoo?

Now, this is probably the hero of the whole range. A good dry shampoo is a must-have, not only for banishing oiliness, but for restoring volume and texture. So what makes this shampoo a stand out?

  • It extends the life of your blowdry/styling

  • Helps decrease the frequency of washing hair

  • Restores freshness & lightness

  • Increases fullness & texture in flat hair

  • Contains a combination of oat milk & highly absorbent micronised powders

  • It’s under $16 (yay!)

  • Available in a formula for blondes & brunettes

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What's Everyone Saying?

★★★★★ Holy Grail Of Dry Shampoo

"I started with the brand Klorane when dry shampoo was first released and any other brands I have tried since simply do not compare. I find it doesn't build up or irritate my scalp which is impressive, as I find many others leave me itchy and uncomfortable. The scent is lovely and refreshing without being overpowering. I love how it leaves me feeling clean in between washes and I find that despite having oily skin and hair i do not have to use a lot of product. Added bonus is the volume it leaves me with. Definitely a product I will buy until the end of time!"

★★★★★ The gold standard of dry shampoos

"This is the best dry shampoo on the market without a doubt. I've tried many brands and none of them perform like Klorane. The scent is pleasant, there is no gritty feel, just refreshed hair. The effects last longer than other brands too. Gives a great texture and also slightly lightens my roots which is great as I'm light blonde. Love it! Will always buy this brand. I really appreciate the travel size too."

★★★★★ Best dry shampoo out there!

"I have really oily hair and extremely thin hair, so it is always looking greasy and flat. This dry shampoo works miracles on it. I usually put it on right before bed and wake up with clean looking hair. I would usually have to wash my hair everyday but I don't have to now that I use this."

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