Olaplex reviews

Olaplex reviews


Who’s used it?

I reordered the step 3 treatment today… ran out a while back and have been lazy. I get the salon treatments usually - but not always - it adds another 20 minutes and sometimes I am just too impatient. 4 hours in the salon for foils plus toner plus Olaplex is ridiculous.

I do find it makes a big difference though. I’ve been various levels of blonde for a while now and my hair used to get really shredded at the ends - much much better since I have been on Olaplex.


Olaplex saved my hair! I started using it around a year ago after my hairdresser practically wept at the sight of my weak, brittle hair. I had lone been torturing it with heat products and over bleaching.

I used a small bottle over the course of a few months, spreading it through damp hair and then sleeping in it over night (the longer, the better I say!) Now my hair is strong and the longest it has been in yeaaaars.