Organic & Natural Makeup

Organic & Natural Makeup


@sibbyme inspired me to start this thread!
It’s no secret that when it comes to make-up & skincare I definitely prefer to veer towards all things natural and organic. The majority of my make-up consists of Inika - I alternate between their Organic Liquid Mineral Foundation and Baked Powder Foundation and have a variety of their eyeshadows. I also love the Inika Light Reflector cream which I use as my highlighter.

I’m also a big fan of natural brand, Ere Perez. I recently discovered their beetroot cheek tint which is amazing and I love their eyeliner.

The two things I’ve yet to nail in my organic make-up collection are mascara and matte lipstick. So if anyone has any recommendations I’d love to know what your favourites are.
On that note, I’d just love to hear what organic and natural gems you swear by in your make-up collection?


Thanks for getting this thread started! Good to hear some of your favourites. I don’t have any to add yet - its something I wanting to branch into more. I used a really lovely honey and sugar scrub which is natural and organic - great for hormonal skin. I can’t remember the brand but I’ll have a search.

I might try out some Inika products - I received a trial size of their primer which I liked quite a bit.



@sibbyme is there anything in particular you’re interested in addressing with your skin or any type of make-up item you are looking for? Happy to recommend my faves if there’s something specific you’re hunting down. I think mineral/organic foundation was probably my first entry point into the world of natural makeup.


@christined most organic mascaras are a bit iffy. I did get a sample of Inika’s reformulated one last week though and it is actually really good (their previous version was awful). I am not sure when it is being launched though, I’ll check with the buyers…


@KateMorrisCEO oh this is good news! I am such an Inika fan so would love to know that they’ve got a good mascara in the works!


@christined - definitely a good foundation.
And I feel a bit lost with skincare at the moment - I want to keep oily skin/hormonal blemishes at bay. I’ve been using ASAP and Alpha-H but wondering if I want to make the transition to more natural ingredients


@christined Inika mascara should be live on the site by the end of the week :wink:


Oh cool, good to know @KateMorrisCEO! Thanks!


@sibbyme I can’t recommend the Inika foundations enough!! As I mentioned their liquid organic foundation is a game changer for me as it keeps my skin moist but not oily. I have to say it probably doesn’t give you super strong coverage though if you have really strong blemishes you want to cover but I solve that by then going over it with a quick sweep of the Inika Foundation mineral powder which does the trick and gives a nice matte finish. I like the powder in “baked” solid form as it’s less messy!


Great, thank you! How are their shades? I am very pale so I also need it to be light enough for my skin tone :slight_smile:


@sibbyme I usually struggle with the right shade for my olive skin but had no problems with the Inika range . This article is great for helping you figure out how to choose your foundation shades when shopping online. If you have a look it will link you to the “Findation” page where you put in previous foundation shades you’ve used and it tells you which shades in other brands work for you. It’s genius!