Pigmentation care

Pigmentation care


I have Pigmentation due to sun burn. Any suggestion for getting rid of it.


Hi @punniyaprabhu, I know a lot of people have previously mentioned Aspect Pigment Punch as a great product for pigmentation.

I’m also currently trying The Ordinary Vitamin C which is helping to fade very slight pigmentation spots I have but the Pigment Punch is probably more potent.


Hi @christined Thanks for the reply. Currently i am using Alpha H Gold i tested for getting is there anyway i can get tester since my skin so sensitive i need to before getting it.


@punniyaprabhu I don’t know about testers for the Aspect pigment punch but The Ordinary Vitamin C is so cheap anyway being under $10 it’s definitely worth trying!


Hi @christined in last summer i used Aspect Pigment Punch and the result was good. @punniyaprabhu Mine its dry skin, if yours is same i hope it will work for you as well. Just give a try and hope for the best.


Thanks @christined and @vaishaliyadav. Will try that


@vaishaliyadav that’s great to hear! How long and how often did you have to use the Aspect Pigment Punch to see results?


@christened Aspect Pigment was suggested by my beautician and i started using from last summer. From then i got used to it. For each 45 days it will be in the first place of my shopping list. :heart_eyes:


@christined and @vaishaliyadav currently i am using Alpha H liquid gold its been only a week but i can see the result. What do u guys think about these product.


@christined do u reckon A’KIN Pure Radiance Certified Organic Rosehip Oil 23 mL will be good serum for my dry skin.


@punniyaprabhu I haven’t tried Alpha H Liquid Gold but I have heard so many good things about it! I am really interested in trying it! So it helped fade your pigmentation?


@punniyaprabhu for sure! I love Rosehip Oil and if it’s organic, even better! I use it to remove my eye makeup in the evenings and to keep my under eye area moisturised.


@punniyaprabhu i haven’t used it my friend. Anyway you are using it from one week rite, let me know the result after few weeks. If you recommend I will use it. :wink:


@christined and @punniyaprabhu do you guy’s have any suggestion for red eye?? My eyes are so sensitive and they get tired if i use system for more than two hours. I am thinking to consult doctor but not getting enough time. I use powerless specs while working. your suggestions will be highly appreciated.


@vaishaliyadav aloevera gel i think that will the best to use.


@vaishaliyadav sure i will let u know. Lets keep in touch


@christined i have just used twice but i can feel difference after apply Alpha H will definitely update the comment after a month also i just bought and applied A’kin Pure Radiance.


Okay I ll try alovera gel @punniyaprabhu. But let me know how to use it.


@vaishaliyadav i was talking aloevera straight from the plant. I use to take it directly from plant just keep above my eye for 30 minute.


Again here for sunscreen advice. currently using Banana boat but is very greasy and oily. I checked online i saw aveeno and LA ROCHE-POSAY ANTHELIOS XL BB CREAM SPF 50+ are suggested. could u guys advice on these.

LA ROCHE-POSAY ANTHELIOS XL BB CREAM SPF 50+ seems to be expensive