Post A Pic Of Your Adore Beauty Haul!

Post A Pic Of Your Adore Beauty Haul!


Uh oh… guess who did some online shopping the other day. Here’s a pic of my little beauty hall from the other day complete with some awesome promo samples that came with my parcel and the ever important Tim Tam!

I am obsessed with the Gerard Hydra-Matte lipsticks at the moment and am trying the Wine Down (will have to post a pic of this in one of the lipstick threads because it’s a fun one!) and Everything Nice and also got the lip pencil to go with my Immortal lipstick.
Also got myself The Ordinary Buffet to try. Re-stocking on the Axilla natural deodorant paste in both a standard and travel size (this natural deodorant has been amazing!)… and bought myself a sharpener from Inika for my eyeliner. I know this is a weird thing to rave about but guys, this is an awesome sharpener!

The rest are my freebie sample goodies that came with the promo codes including one of the Beauty Packs and the Kevin Murphy plumping shampoo and conditioner which are in the cutest bottles ever!

Anyway, your turn! Post your haul! xx


A small-ish haul this time round.

I stocked up on the moisturiser from The Ordinary and also picked up a few new products to try thanks to advice from the forums over the last weeks. EVOs waterkiller dry shampoo, Lanolips and also Kevin Murphy’s hair plumping treatment.

Was super happy to get some Kevin Murphy plumping shampoo and conditioner in a mini size for upcoming travels but devo’d to not get a Tim Tam :disappointed_relieved:


Nice work @tresnalee!! Let me know how you like the Evo Water Killer. It’s so good! Lano Lips is next on my beauty bucket list!


oh my god, no Tim Tam!? This is a disaster. Please let the customer service team know so we can give you two next time!


Sweet haul @christined :ok_hand:


@tresnalee this is an excellent haul btw and I heartily approve of everything in it. Water Killer and Lanolips particularly are all kinds of awesome.



How are you finding the Hydrate & Conquer? I wish every hair brand did travel minis, they’re so cute and fun to try.


I spot the ordinary’s NMF :smiley: I hope it works for you!


@KateMorrisCEO I think it was the universe saying I didn’t really need a Tim Tam :joy:

Lanolips is insanely good - it has brought my lips back to life in two days!


@Shannon_Staff I had to buy this as I pinched my husbands when my Aspect Phytostat ran out the other week and figured I should replace his! I like it but I suspect it’s not moisturising enough for me at this time of year. I’m supercharging it by mixing in Cosmedix Rescue Balm a couple of times a week but I’ll probably go back to Aspect once this runs out and then revisit again in the summer when I don’t need as much hydration.


I’m so excited to try it @tresnalee! Did you just get the classic one? I can’t decide whether to go classic or a scented one. I’m looking at the Strawberry


Classic all the way! Figure it’s easier to use on other body parts then (elbows etc)


Some repurchases and some new friends today:

  • Alpha-H Liquid Gold Resurfacing Body Wipes, because all the talk about it here made me remember I need some
  • asap scrub, because I have lizardy fake tan from last week’s awards night that needs to come OFF, STAT!
  • Tan-Luxe The Gradual because I ran out last week
  • The Ordinary 10% Lactic + 2% HA, haven’t tried this before
  • Gerard Hydra Matte lipstick in 1995, which I think might be a bit too dark on me… or maybe it is just weirding me out because I haven’t worn brown matte lipstick since literally 1995 :face_with_hand_over_mouth:
  • Poo-Pourri, because, well, our house has 1 bathroom only. :mask:


@KateMorrisCEO Oh the 90s were so good for lipstick… I thought I was a very cool teenager with my intense lipsticks back then. Remember when Poppy was ALL the rage?

I can’t believe I didn’t know that you stocked Poo-Pouri! I remember seeing this at a friends place in San Francisco and thought it was the best idea. Have always wanted some. Add to cart


Give it some time @KateMorrisCEO. I’d only ever used red lipstick before 1995 came into my life. I wasn’t so sure about the brown situation at first either but I love it now! It makes me feel like I’ve still got a little pick me up on my lips without looking like I’ve put in too much effort with make-up when I’m trying to tone it down during the day.


LOVE AlphaH Wipes. Actually amazing how much exfoliation a little cloth can do! :star_struck:
Can I ask if you have used the ASAP body scrub? Or can suggest any other great body scrubs I can use regularly @KateMorrisCEO ?


Today’s haul!

I’ve not tried the Bioderma wipes yet, but I’ve been waiting forever for them to launch in Australia, so I finally picked them up. The R+Co Tinsel I just popped through my lengths and ends and it feels so amazing - it’s lightweight, but really hydrating. The Gerard Cosmetics are the Immortal Lip Liner & Hydra Matte Liquid Lip, which I’ve tried before but have (tragically) misplaced. Best red ever :heart_eyes:


Ooh what’s so special about the Bioderma wipes @alexandraraymond? I’ve yet to hear about them?


@christined Bioderma has a special place in my heart as one of my all time favourite makeup removers, and I am literally so lazy at bedtime that taking the extra step of finding a cotton pad and applying it on the traditional way is sometimes too much for me! These I can pop in my bedside table for emergency exhausted-makeup-removing nights :slight_smile:


Oh good call @alexandraraymond! I might give these a try for my next trip in a couple of weeks!