Pregnancy safe skincare

Pregnancy safe skincare
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Hi all

Some of you may remember me from the early days of this forum… well, I’m back :clapping: and super excited about it!

I recently found out that I am pregnant and need some advice on skin care brands that are safe to use. Specifically I need something to help with the acne outbreaks. Where’s that glow people talk about? :chuckle:

Thank you!! :worship:


I think many people say, when you are pregnant there is a natural glow comes on your face.


For the pregnant ladies,if you want to look smart in these days also then you can try these beauty products.
Like-Moisturizers-sunscreen lotion with SPF 50
Cleansers-active naturals positively radiant brightening cleanser
For body-you can use skin relief shower
Toners-vitamin C energizing face spritz
Day and night moisturizers
Serums-vitamin C moisture serum