Product to untangle kids hair

Product to untangle kids hair


I regularly have to brush my six year old step daughters hair and I’m amazed at how tangled it can be! It’s never a fun experience. Having a kid cry because you’re “hurting them” is really a great at making you feel like a terrible human!

Any tips or product suggestions for getting the tangles out while wet OR dry?


My nieces and nephew (and me) love ‘know knott’ by o&m.
You can buy a mini bottle to try it but it is literally the difference between tangles and tears, and not. Or knott!


Great suggestion @lisatarasenko


Yeah we use Know Knott too.
I also find if I put Moroccanoil or some other leave-in treatment in my 6yo’s hair straight after washing it, it’s a bit easier to brush.
Also - brush from the bottom, then slowly work your way up :wink: and a bristle brush like Mason Pearson tends to hurt less than one with big spokes.


Ok I have hair that I can sit on and I’m chronically ill and often can’t brush it and will leave it in a bun for days. My holy grail is the Pantene 3 minute Miricle treatment. I put it on and comb out the tangles with my fingers or a big comb and just shampoo the top of my head and my hair is like silk!! You can do it with most conditioners and treatments as long as they are thick and you let it sit for a good two minutes first. Also a tangle tamer brush with flexible bristles is a safe bet. I even use one on my Cavalier King Charles spaniel because it doesn’t tug at knots like regular brushes and gradually works the knot out. I’ve always had long hair so other tips are alway plait hair before bed as it keeps tangles to a minimum and keeps mornings more easy (just use some water and leave in conditioner to remove any waves from the plaits) and once a week if possible do a deep conditioning where you cover the hair in conditioner and a shower cap and let it sit for 30 mins while the kid watches cartoons or eats dinner and then wash just the scalp with shampoo and rinse the conditioner out. Also baby shampoo is amazing and has so many less chemicals. I use it on me and my dog (she is a pedigree long hair so I’m more picky about her shampoo than mine lol) hope that helps!!