Products that are tested on animals

Products that are tested on animals


It was with much excitement that my package of goodies landed on my workplace doorstep in time for my birthday- much excitement to be had during lunch break! One of the males in the room commented: “All of that stuff is tested on animals” and, with the exception of The Ordinary (which doesn’t), Bioderma and La Roche-Posay do. Talk about deflating my balloon! I love these products but I think that I won’t be purchasing these brands again (sob!) because it doesn’t sit well with me! I own a rabbit- I’m looking out for her peeps! Your thoughts?


@kyleemason I’ve been struggling with this as well. I love NARS but now that they’re testing again I’ve had to pull myself away. I figure that if enough people make a stand, hopefully these brands will reconsider their testing. I know for a lot of them the testing is to stay in the Asian market, I believe that China doesn’t allow beauty products unless they’ve been properly tested or something to that extent.
That said there are so many wonderful brands out there that don’t test on animals so this is a great opportunity to explore and discover something new!


True! But I’ve only discovered La Roche-Posay because I’ve never been into skin care products and it works really well on my skin (admittedly, also in conjunction with Alpha-H, Bioderma and The Ordinary products). Back to the drawing board! Now it will be about finding products that have the same effects (once my new products are used up!)