Products you've managed to sneak into men's "beauty" routines?

Products you've managed to sneak into men's "beauty" routines?


It always gives me a kick and a giggle when I hear stories about friends’ male partners or my male friends getting talked into adding body and beauty products into their grooming routines that they might not otherwise want to admit to their mates. From facial moisturisers to expensive shampoos to paw paw or other lip ointments. What have you managed to get your men hooked on?


Maybe this is TMI but I’ve found the best way to get my husband to try new things is to jump in the shower with him! :joy:

I can then use a face mask, bodyscrub or whatever and then say “oh hey, let me chuck this on your face”. He always likes the products and then feels confident to use them himself. I’ve even managed to get him on to doing the occasional sheet mask with me, which is hilarious!


@tresnalee that is hilarious! Nice work. Does he appreciate the benefits of a sheet mask?


He likes that his skin feels hydrated afterwards. I usually crack them out if we’re on holiday or maybe relaxing after a busy day out in the sunshine. I honestly don’t know if sheet masks have long terms benefits but I always enjoy the sensation of feeling hydrated for the 24 hours afterwards. My favourite is actually these gold eye masks - they’re excellent before a big event!