Professional Spa Treatments

Professional Spa Treatments


I would love to know what what treatments you get done at a professional spa / salon?
What makes it great for you?
And also, what treatments you have started doing yourself at home instead?

I have NEVER been for a professional treatment. And would love all the advice I can get!
And a sheet mask is as far as I go at home!


@annettebisinella I don’t know if this really counts as a spa treatment but I have had laser hair removal done professionally and get lash extensions done every now and then. Both things I definitely can’t do myself!

On the odd occasion I’ll go for a mani/pedi but usually I try and save money and just do my own nails if I can. I do love the luxury of getting it done professionally though, getting my feet properly scrubbed etc.

I guess the other potential “do at home” that we’ve previously discussed which you flagged as a bit scary for you is the derma-roller situation… which is also not really something I feel like I’m ready to try myself.


I am certainly with you on trying to save a bit with doing my own nails @christined !

Interesting though that you do most of your facials, scrubs ect yourself at home! I am finding that more and more!

I am keen to find someone that has a “must do” in spa treatment. That I know will be worth spending the $$ for.


Oh and I have had micro-dermabrasion done at a salon as well which was nice but I didn’t notice an amazing difference to be honest. I feel like I get better results just using a good AHA regularly.


I have ALWAYS wanted to know if Micro Derm works! I have had so many professionals tell me it will make a huge difference to my acne scars! (Every time i got my eyebrows waxed)
But I just never trusted it was true! I am very intrigued to hear you didnt notice alot of difference @christined


You can get many treatments that are done for damaged hair, dry hair, frizzy hair, etc. I tried for damaged hair and then I also did hair smoothing treatment. Coloring and heat styling damaged my hair so intensive salon treatments helped me, they also did something to lock my hair color. At home I massage my hair with olive oil in every two days or coconut oil and use herbal shampoos for best results. It works. Take a professional treatment and you will know the difference. It can be expensive but you will discover that it is worth it.