Pssst... Your old ghd just got a massive upgrade!

Pssst... Your old ghd just got a massive upgrade!


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If your old styler isn’t quite up to scratch anymore, and you’re considering investing in a new ghd, your timing couldn’t be better! Because ghd have just released their newest styler, upgrading the ghd V classic in a big way. That means it’s even simpler to achieve your smoothest, sleekest, healthiest-looking hair ever.

But let’s be honest, you’re not going to invest in a $280 styler without me telling you why it’s better than your old one, are you?


Why Is It Better Than Your Old Styler?

ghd's new gold styler has been years in the making. I've got an old ghd styler, and while it's really held in there, let me tell you, it's definitely worth upgrading if you've been considering a new one.
  • It features dual-zone technology for consistent heat distribution

  • It heats up in just 25 seconds (and it has universal voltage!)

  • The ghd gold has a modernised design for smooth, snag-free styling

  • Automatic sleep mode activates when the styler is idle for 30 minutes

  • The rounded barrel makes it suitable for straightening, waving & curling

  • This is the upgraded, advanced version replacing the ghd V classic

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What's So Good About These Improvements?

Advanced Heat Sensors:

Upgrading from ceramic heat technology, this new styler features dual-zone temperature sensors which ensures the optimal styling temperature of 185 degrees is consistently maintained. This means each of the plates are evenly heated, smoothing the hair from root to tip. Oh, and did I mention it heats up in 25 seconds?

Sleek New Design:

My biggest issue with my last styler was that it was too hard to wave or curl my hair with it. I found my hair would snag and pull if I tried to twist it around the barrel. That's why I'm super excited about the new ghd gold having a rounded barrel, so it allows me to use it as both a straightener and a curling wand with ease. This new version is also much lighter and more compact, so it's really easy to handle and travel with as well.

Sleep Mode:

We've all experienced that heart-stopping moment when you've left the house and can't remember turning your straightener off. While most stylers now come with an automatic switch off, if you're a little delayed in upgrading, this might be a new luxury for you. The ghd gold goes into sleep mode if your styler hasn't been in use for 30 minutes, so no more panicking you're going to cause a house fire!

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What's The Verdict?

Our team tried out ghd's newest styler, comparing it to the ghd V classic - let's just say everyone's hair is currently on fleek in our office.

★★★★★ Perfect for waves - Meike

"Finally, a styler that is perfect for waves on a long bob (shoulder length hair). It has a shorter barrel so easier to twist, and it's rounded so my hair glides through - no snags on the edge like the older stylers. It is super fast to heat up as well which is a bonus!"

★★★★★ GHD IS BACK! - Vanessa

"I had my previous styler for about 7 years and I noticed the plate was gripping my hair and causing my hair to snap. I thought I'd go for a ghd styler again, as they have a decent warranty and my last styler pulled through for so long! This new and improved ghd gold just glides through my hair, removes any frizz and leaves my hair looking salon fresh! The sleek round barrel is fantastic as giving your hair the most luscious of curls (or waves). I've tried other brands, but will always stay loyal to ghd."

★★★★★ Gives beautiful curls - Olivia

"I'm a hairdresser by trade, so I've used a lot of different stylers. I used ghd's new gold styler for curling my hair and it was so amazing. My curls lasted all day and it did not give the pull on your hair like some irons can. Once I brushed my curls out they turned into gorgeous waves that lasted and didn't drop out. Highly recommend."

★★★★★ Compact - Shanthi

"The first thing I noticed about the new ghd was the size of the handle, it's considerably smaller than the IV which means its much easier to handle, better for travel and lighter in weight. The gold also heats up super quickly which I love, and doesn't feel like its doing any damage to my hair either."

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I was in love with ghd until Australian owners sold it to the chinese. The owners started cloud 9. I refuse to buy chinese products, in my opinion they cut corners in everything they do. The quality isnt their anymore, i still have my original ghd 18 years later. The new ones dont last as long. So why the new ghd sounds amazing, i would rather spend more money on a quality Australian profuct.