Q&A for David Mallett Haircare

Q&A for David Mallett Haircare


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Hair serum can be used every day or every other day either on dry or towel dried hair. Its main ingredient is Macadamia Nut Oil and there is no silicone. It restores and invigorates dull , dehydrated hair and protects hair from the inside out while providing fresh vitality and a natural silky shine. It is immediately absorbed by the hair protecting it from within and provides new vitality and silky brilliance. It is perfect to use every day as it is very light weight and depending on how much is used, yes of course 5 days could last.


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It is so important to have a wonderful and honest relationship with your hairdresser and one that fully understands your needs. I would suggest finding a few hairdressers and then attend a consultation for each and decide on who you feel is best and they can give you the best information for your hair type. I would suggest for you my Hydratation range for moisture and Hair Serum which gives hair definition and structure as it smooths or accentuates curls ! Enjoy


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As if dried in the wind after the bathing in the sea…. Our Australian Salt Spray gives hair more volume , a natural look and a firm hold. Perfect to encourage your natural texture and curl.


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To build structure in your hair I would recommend our Le Volume No 2 Shampoo which leaves hair invigorated , shiny and full of vitality after every wash. It contains Japanese Red Algae- Nori which is full of proteins . I would also recommend our new Mask No 2 Le Volume which restructures the hair fibre and nourishes strands with vital nutrients.


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The Beauty Ward winning Shampoo No 1 Hydratation is what you need. Its moisturizing features would assist your dehydrated hair as it has no unnecessary chemicals, allergans or fragrances added . Please compliment this with my No 1 Hydratation Conditioner and for a maximum moisture boost my Mask No 1 is like a spa treatment for your hair. I hope you love it as much as we do.


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Hair masks if you can use twice a week would be ideal, to see the benefits.
I think Le Volume No 2 Shampoo which offers perfect cleansing care for fine limp hair and it’s formula contains high levels of vitamins and trace elements .The Le Volume No 2 Spray provides an ideal daily treatment for fine limp hair as well. I do believe a combination of all 3 would be just what you are after.


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Glad you love Hair as much as we do. Our favourite protein free product would be the Australia Salt Spray. It reminds me so much of Australia with Murray River Salt derived from New South Wales. Also our award winning Volume Powder is protein free which gives incredible root lift and excellent hold and has a subtle Green - Tea fragrance and the product is entirely free of allergens.


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May I suggest to assist with the breakages to maybe not brush too frequently and not tie your hair up or back which exposes hair to stress. My range is small and concise which will help with a simple yet highly effective range. May I also suggest our No 1 Hydration range which counters harmful environmental influences and constant damage caused to hair by styling. We are so proud of this range as GRAZIA acknowledged it with it’s Beauty Award for a “hair product that heralds a new Era”… hope you love it.


Thanks David, this sounds like a nice start. Thinking of giving the Conditioner No.1: L’Hydratation a try :slight_smile: Really appreciate the reply!


Thank you for the reply :slight_smile: I will look them up now! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Lovely answers @DavidMallettAU, quite informative! :slightly_smiling_face: Thanks so much! All the best in DM haircare range adorebeauties! Im so excited for mine!


Thank you so much for your recommendations!
I’ll have a look into that three product combination now.


Big ups to @DavidMallettAU for taking part in our Q&A and for sharing all those David Mallett Haircare secrets with us!
We’re so excited to be stocking the new products at Adore Beauty which just launched a few days ago. Be sure to head over and check them out over here:


Amazing! Thank you :heartbeat: I’ll be investing to rock these curls!