Q&A for WELEDA With Liezel Barnard

Q&A for WELEDA With Liezel Barnard


Please give a warm welcome to Liezel Barnard from Weleda who will be our special guest on Tuesday the 13th of February to answer all your questions about one of our favourite natural skincare brands.

Liezel is the Naturopath and Trainer at Weleda Australia and has been with the company since 2008. She holds a Bachelor of Naturopathy and has more than 12 years experience in the natural health industry, including private practice in multi-disciplinary clinics. Liezel has a special interest in skin and digestive health. Liezel’s passion for naturopathy was ignited by her search for solutions for her own health problems having suffered from allergies, dry skin, dermatitis and blepharitis for most of her life. Liezel has been able to manage these conditions with a healthy diet, lifestyle and Weleda’s beautiful products.

Founded in 1921 Weleda is the world’s leading brand in certified natural, organic, holistic skin care, body care & medicines. At Weleda, beauty is not something that is made in a lab, it is something that is cultivated right from the earth. With a range of over 120 products Weleda offers something for the whole family for holistic wellbeing from head-to-toe. Weleda skin care products are NATRUE certified – 100% natural, organic and are free from GMOs, synthetic preservatives, fragrances or colours and raw materials derived from mineral oils and of course have not been tested on animals. Apart from enjoying beautiful products you will be delighted to know that by choosing a Weleda product you have been part of a process that has created sustainable livelihoods for developing communities around the world.

You are all welcome to start leaving your questions for Liezel from now until the 13th of February. The 10 best questions as chosen by Liezel will be winning a tube of Weleda Skin Food.
*Please note prizes can only be sent to Australian addresses.


My question… i love the Rose Body Wash but would like something more hydrating… is there a more nourishing option planned? I love skin food but wish there was a rose scented version…


Arrrgh leizel welcome! And thank you so much for stopping by this awesome forum!

Forgive my gushing but im a huge Weleda fan, (faves are Skin Food, the salt toothpaste and the sage deodorant) and your work obviously greatly contributes to the beautiful products we get to enjoy.

Ok. So i was wondering if Weleda are considering a ‘friendly’ fragrance line in the future? Aveda have one with lots of plant oils etc and lavanila have a nice ‘natural-ish’ fragrance line and i bet Weleda would create an amazing one? I know its tricky with MCS and fragrance sensitivity but a small range of beautiful perfume oils would be so wonderful as an option.

Thanks again for stopping by and answering our questions! Hope you have an awesome day :heart:


Hi Liezel,

I LOVE skin food. I like to mix it with coconut oil to stretch it out and give my skin a little extra nourishment. Besides lathering it on your limbs, what is your favourite way to use it? I feel like it’s an endlessly adaptable product and I’d love some inspiration for new ways to use it.

Thanks so much!



Hi Liezel,
I have to throw one in the mix here as well! I get very dry and scaly skin on my legs, particularly in winter but generally all year 'round. To be fair I’m not the best with moisturising regularly but even when I do i feel like I’m hard pressed to stop that dryness from coming right back the next day. Do you have any recommendations for this? Is the skin food the best way to go? Do I just need to be more diligent about moisturising?

Christine x


Hi Liezel I am so glad you have a Q&A with Adorebeauty. I am about to become a first time mum so the chance to ask you about Weleda Baby products couldn’t have come at a better time!
First of all I have simply been using Weleda Evening Primrose body oil to hopefully prevent stretch marks, would you recommend that I swap to Weleda Stretch Mark Madsage oil?
Also, I noticed that Weleda has a Nipple Cream that is recommended to be used in the last 6-8 weeks of pregnancy. I don’t know much about the impact of breast feeding on nipples, other than it can be extremely painful! Can you please tell me a little bit more about how the cream prepares the nipples for breastfeeding? And is it safe to use while breastfeeding?
And lastly (sorry to bombard you but expert advice is invaluable) my baby is due in winter and I know babies can have extremely sensitive skin that is prone to eczema, is it safe to use Weleda White Mellow Body Lotion on a new born or is it best to wait a month or so?
Thanks so much for taking the time to answer questions, I look forward to hearing from you!


Hi Liezel,

I have really dry skin all over my body – and I mean REALLY. I’ve always had it, but it seems to be getting much worse. I’ve been on tamoxifen for the last few years. Could that be contributing? The best thing I have found to help (in fact the only thing that helps!) is the Weleda body oil and body lotion. I use both, every night after showering. I put the oil on first and then the lotion. Is this the best way to do it? I alternate between the rose and the pomegranate–just because I like the different smells. Is there anything else I could do?
thanks for your help!


Hi, as a relative newby to Weleda, is there a product that would suit all the family? Something suitable for my dry legs, hubby’s dry patches and the kids occasional use too? Thanks


I Am just wondering if skin food is suitable to use as a face moisturiser and also is it suitable for my kids dry skin or can you recommend an alternate Waleda product?


I would love to know whether you think it’s necessary to use different skincare for summer and winter months. If so what products are your best recommendations?


Hello, my question is about which products you would use from the weleda range for pigmentation and hormonal skin? I have tried many natural products still tend to find it’s not quite giving me the results I am after. In every other area in my beauty regime I use natural and organic products but I still have yet to find the right range for my serum and moisturiser. Could you give me some advice thank you Jenna


Hi Liezel :blush:
I have combination/sensitive skin. A bit dry and red around the chin and cheeks with a slightly oily T-zone. I also have occasional psoriasis flare ups around the hairline.
It’s a bit of a catch 22 as I prefer a fuller coverage foundation due to the redness, but the dryness makes the foundation look cakey and a bit "separated":disappointed:
What Weleda products would you recommend?


Hi Liezel. My daughter has Keratin Pilaris. What products are best for her skin yet won’t block her pores. Thanks


Hi Liezel,

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions on adore beauty’s forum! I love how Weleda’s range is all natural and does not test on animals :blush:

I’m a Registered Nurse, a requirement of my job is to participate in frequent ‘hand hygiene’. Either in the form of hand washing or using alcohol hand rub in order to disinfect my hands and prevent the spread of germs in Hospital.

As a result of this repeated hand washing and using alcohol rub to clean my hands, they are left feeling parched, dry and itchy. What products from Weleda would you recommend for my hands?

Thank you,



Hi Liezel! What a lovely company to work for. :blush: I have been a long-time lover and user of lanolin - an ingredient in Skin Food! - and my skin is plumper, more youthful-looking and more hydrated as a result. However, lanolin has a bad reputation, and most of the claims against it are misleading or false. Please can you help restore its reputation and explain its benefits for the skin, why it doesn’t deserve a bad rep, and why you use it in Weleda products to help our skin. Thank you!


I have recently purchased a tube of Weleda Skin food , can you please recommend some uses for it. The box states it can be used on hands or feet so it looks like a versatile all over body product. Can it be used on the face as well. I was also wondering what other products are available in the Weleda range.


Hi @janinewalda,

I really love the scent of the Wild Rose range too!

We’ve developed the Almond Sensitive Body range a couple of years ago for dry and sensitive skin. We use the same mild cleansers in all the body washes (even in the Baby Shampoo & Body Wash) however we’ve added sweet almond oil and shea butter to the Almond Sensitive Body Wash for a more hydrating feel, so that’s why I recommend this body wash for you.

Other tips for protecting the hydro-lipid layer of your skin when showering or bathing is to install a water filter in your shower/bath tap to filter out chlorine and other impurities, use luke-warm water (never hot) and apply body oil to the parts of your skin that gets dry (e.g. outside of arms and legs) before you get into the shower or bath.

The closest rose scented product we have to Skin Food is our Rose-Calendula Crème. It’s not as thick as Skin Food, but very close and also contains wonderfully healing and soothing herbal extracts such as calendula, marshmallow and chamomile.

Warm regards,


Hi @lisatarasenko,

So wonderful to meet a huge Weleda fan and thanks for the warm welcome!

We’ve actually launched our natural fragrance range, Jardin de Vie, in 2015 but have decided to stop producing this range last year, as we couldn’t reach critical mass for sustainable production.

However, we are always developing lovely new fragrances for our new facial and body care products being launched! Have you tried our Evening Primrose range yet? I think this range is particularly lovely and fragrant with hints of magnolia, sandalwood and cardamon.

Personally I find that layering the body care and facial care products from the same range e.g. using the face cream, body wash, body lotion and deodorant from the Wild Rose range achieves the same result as using a perfume. People often want to know what perfume I’m wearing, and I never wear any perfume! :smile:

Warm regards,


Thanks Liezel ! Thats great info… time to shop!


Hi @keelyquinn,

Skin Food is my favourite product of all time!

I use it as my day and night cream in winter. My fine, dry skin soaks it up in about 5 minutes, and I love the dewy glow that it gives me. If you find it too rich as an everyday cream, then I recommend to use it as a weekly hydrating facial mask, your skin will thank you!

I also use Skin Food on my lips, hands, elbows and feet. It’s nice to massage it into my feet and hands and then put socks and gloves on for about ½ hour to allow for maximum absorption.

And Skin Food is also my must-have product when my skin is exposed to harsh conditions like long haul flights and hiking in the mountains.

I love that you are diluting the skin food with coconut oil to apply to your limbs. Our body oils are also great for mixing with Skin Food. I find the Baby Calendula Oil particularly good to mix with Skin Food, as the fragrances are complementary and you get an extra hit of soothing and skin-restoring calendula extract.

Warm regards,