Q&A With Brooke Child For ASPECT Skincare

Q&A With Brooke Child For ASPECT Skincare


Adore lovelies, please welcome our next gorgeous Q&A guest, Brooke Child who will be answering all your questions about one of our favourite beauty brands, ASPECT Skincare on Wednesday the 22nd of November from 12:30pm AEDT.

As a Clinical Educator in Victoria for Advanced Skin Technology, Brooke trains beauty therapists, dermal therapists, nurses and doctors about Aspect products as well as a number of other brands. After becoming a qualified Dermal Therapist through Victoria University, Brooke spent years treating clients in clinic before wanting to move into education. During her time with Advanced Skin Technology she’s had opportunities to talk about skincare in many different forums, including The Oscars Gifting Suit in Beverly Hills, Plastic Surgeons Practice Manager Conferences, Client Events and Schools.

Aspect sources the highest quality possible ingredients from the world’s best pharmaceutical and bio-technology companies using cosmeceutical technology and is designed to complement peels, laser or any other service you may have received at a salon. Whether your concern is hyper-pigmentation, oiliness, congestion or ageing, their superior products deliver professional results.

Brooke’s passion is skin and she loves nothing more than to recommend skincare that she knows works!

You guys are welcome to start leaving your questions for Brooke from now up until the 22nd of November.

The 10 best questions will be winning a bottle of the Aspect Extreme B17 serum!


Hi Brooke!

So excited that you will be answering questions about Aspect as I really love the brand!

I have a question about serums?

In which order do I use my A, B, C serums and do I use certain ones at night or day? Where does Redless and the Hyaluronic Acid serum come into the routine as I’m simply not sure? I just don’t want to overload my skin. Thanks very much in advance Brooke!


Hi Brooke!
I’m 20 years old with oily skin and much to my greatest annoyance my acne hasn’t disappeared dispite not being a teenager anymore haha I breakout a lot in my t zone and have a little bit of scarring but nothing too bad is their anything I can do to help minimise my break outs and heal past scarring? I do have a skincare routine but it’s pretty run of the norm - cleanser, toner and moisturiser also I know I should wear sunscreen year round but I don’t know which or what type to use especially if I want to wear it under my makeup haha there are so many options and types it’s just scary and I give up and don’t use any which is bad I know
Thank you so much for your time! :slight_smile:


Hi Brooke!
You sound extremely qualified and experienced. If possible i would love your advice.
My skin is 36, combination and sensitive, with congestion, some pigmentation, and dullness and enlarged pores.
I have never used an Aspect product but am a huge fan of highly effective cosmeceuticals. Is there a serum or mask or other treatment product you could recommend to make my skin look its best?

Thanks so much for sharing your time and expertise with us!


Hi Brook!

I’ve been slowly building my skincare routine for day and night but I’m a bit confused by the wide variety of serums. Which would be your suggestions for the best ones to use day and night. Also how many layers of serum is too many and they become ineffective?



Hi Brooke.
What is the difference between Aspect and Aspect DR


Hi Brooke

I’m a total addict for the B17 serum as well as Phytostat. My day isn’t complete without these and I love the smell.

My question is about pigmentation and age spots. I’m 36 and I now have a few “age spots” on the side of my face. Will pigment punch help or do I need to go for a series of peels?


Hi Brooke,
I use the Retinol Brulee and love it but I also use a glycolic acid toning solution. I have seen numerous conflicting articles. Some saying they cancel each other out, others saying its fine to use together as long as you wait between applications, others saying its fine to use one after the other.
Are they ok to use together?


Hi Brooke! I’m very confused about the usability of Vitamins A, B, C and leave-on exfoliants.

Which ones are okay to use together in a routine, and which ones should be used at separate times of the day? I’ve seen other brands combining them together in one product, despite all of the conflicting research, so I’m very confused and was hoping you can clarify!

Also I was wondering what were the main differences between the Extreme C20 and Jungle Brew? As they both harness Vitamin C, which one is stronger? I was interested in using one of them to tackle my stubborn hyperpigmentation/post acne marks.

Thanks so much in advance! Looking to reading your insights on this :slight_smile:

Kind regards,


Hi Brooke,
Im new to your product range. Can you please point me in the right direction for a good AM and PM skincare routine for dry, sensitive and pigmented skin. Also Oily/congested in the t-zone.

Thanks kindly :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Brooke
I can’t wait for this Q and A session! I was using Aspect for along time the phyrostat9 and the extreme C then was told to move up to Dr Aspect. So ive been using the reversatrol moisturiser ( brilliant! Is more hydrating) and the Dr aspect vit c. However I got cornered into trying Omosis for awhile as i eabted some antioxidants collagen peptides etc to add into my routine.but I really miss my Aspect or Dr Aspect. I think Dr aspect has higher amount of ingredients? I just turned 40 and am extremely Ill (bedridden) for almost 3 years again and my skin is all over the place. It’s severely dehydrated but I have large pores on my nose and chin,also a few capillaries on my cheeks and a few bits of pigmentation spots (theyre new and I want them gone!). I’m not sure which products to use now as I need to hydrate have de aging and help pigmentation. Also my eyes are hollow and crepey. So I need something to plump them too. Do you have anything for all that? And the order it would go in? I’d like to add more antioxidants and peptides than just the vit C. I have got sensitive skin now. it’s all itchy and annoying and I really don’t like the tight feel even with moisturiser and serums.It was fine before but since ive been on osmosis everything’s gone haywire.

Kindest regards


I adore Aspect serums but feel like I go through them quite quickly. Is it ok to combine half a pump of each serum (eg, Pigment Punch and Jungle Brew) and apply them together or would they lose their efficacy this way? Is it better to layer them?
Thank you :blush:


Hi Brooke,

I first found out about Aspect skincare when i saw my mum using something for her pigmentation issues when i was younger. I always thought it was a dermatologist prescribed product and not freely available for purchase. I think that since then you’ve repackaged and changed from red to blue and the products look very appealing.

I am struggling with oily, acne-prone skin with scarring. I’m at the stage where i am considering roaccutane but am on the fence due to all the side effects. I am interested in your Exfol L 15, Extreme B17 and Jungle Brew serums as they are targeted towards my concerns. Do you think that the niacinamide serum could help me control / prevent breakouts? And are there any side effects that i might expect from using this serum for the first time? I would very much be interested in trying it as i heard that it is great for brightening the skin and it contains lactic acid for exfoliation as well!

Thank you!
Anna :slight_smile:


Hello Brooke!
Really glad you are doing this Q&A regarding Aspect. First of all, i LOVE aspect products! They are my holy grail of beauty! I had a really bad skin before, breaking out, very dry and I was looking very old (im only 31). aspect products are the only ones who helped my skin. My question is, are the products safe in pregnancy? I use Jungle brew, exfol l, pigment punch, vitB, hydrating mask, and moisturisers. I got a mixed answers that some are not safe to use and others says its safe. It is better if I get the answers from the expert and knows best. Hope you answer. I am currently pregnant and sometimes I use the jungle brew and exfol l because of the different answers i got, i really dont know if its okay or not to use it.

Thank you and God Speed!



Hello Brooke,

I love the Aspect range particularly the serums and would love some advice from an expert!

What is the best routine for post acne scarring/red dots. I can not use Vitamin A as my skin can be sensitive at times. I have combination skin and often get dry cheeks particularly with the air con/heaters.

What vitamins/ beauty services are the best to help clear up skin. I have trialled Chinese Medicine but I’m open for other ideas and I do not feel comfortable with pees but still want results



Hi Brooke, I have terrible congestion in my skin I can’t seem to get rid of. I use the enzyme mask and also use Kate Somerville exfolikate and masks etc. but the congestion on my chin and nose is a constant battle. Are there any products you could recommend ? I’m 22 and have dehydrated skin.


Hi. Brooke. I have been using lots and lots of brand for skin care. At this moment i do have acnescarring from many years ago which had made pores visible on my cheek near nose and forehead. Between my eyebrows, there are some smal visible bumpy under my skin ( congested). None is helping my skin to be improved. When i google to search what to help my skkn problem, aspect skincare just popout. I do some research about people reviews and many of them say Aspect is the one i should try on. I bought the Aspect skin problem kit together with skin ceuticAl Vit A,E ferulic acid, skin ceuticals blemish + age serum plus skin ceutical retinol0,5 ( recommended to use together with aspects). But I am not pretty sure how to use them all together in my skincare regime. I dont want to upset my skin more as i have this problems for many years that has made me not confidence. Thank you…


Hi Brooke. Lovely to chat with someone in the industry I absolutely adore, beauty of course. I have a certificate IV in beauty therapy , my own beauty blog, and am starting to look at starting my own beauty business venture. My question is what’s the one skin product from ASPECT you would recommend for someone who has annoying skin that is sensitive, prone to acne, dry and prone to redness, all at the same time that would help treat it, calm it and make it glow like a magical unicorn?
Thanks again Brooke xoxo


Hi Brooke!

I’m really interested in incorporating retinol into my skincare routine but in the past the retinol products I’ve tried have either caused me to break out or have burnt my skin. I have combination acne prone skin. Do you think that the Aspect Retinol Brulee would be suitable for me?
What is the concentration of retinol in the product and what would be the best way to incorporate it into my routine?

Thank you!!!



Hi Brooke,
I’m really curious to try the Aspect Extreme B17. I’m wondering how Vitamin B affects the skin and how applying it directly externally would differ to say consuming Vitamin B supplements or foods rich in Vitamin B? Also curious to know why B17 specifically as opposed to other Bs?
Jenna :slight_smile: