Q&A With Carley Dowdle From asap Skin Products!

Q&A With Carley Dowdle From asap Skin Products!


Everybody, please give a warm Adore Beauty welcome to Carley Dowdle, Managing Director of asap Skin Products, who will be with us on Wednesday the 23rd of August at 10am-11am Australian EST to answer all your question about all asap products.

Carley is a cosmetic chemist, with a passion for product development. Active cosmeceutical ingredients for asap are sourced from all over the world, however all products are proudly made here in Australia. Melbourne based, asap skin products are Australia’s leading cosmeceutical range and have proved so successful that it has gone global and is now sold in over 19 countries. It is asap’s passion to improve people’s skin and their confidence with a range of simple, effective and affordable products.

We welcome you to start leaving your questions for Carley in here from now right through to the 23rd of August and we look forward to also having you join us when Carley goes live to answer questions. Carley will do her best to answer as many questions as she can.


Hi Carley! Welcome to the forum. I’m a long time user of the asap spf and gentle cleanser. I’m currently pregnant and have a lot of hormonal pigmentation. Can you recommend a post-baby regimen to get my skin looking clear again? Thank you so much!!


Hi Carley
I used to use ASAP products a long time ago when they were first released. What one product would you recommend as your standout product in the range at the moment?
Many thanks


Hi Carley and welcome! I love asap skin care and have regular asap facials at a day spa. What do you suggest I could use as a mask at home in between as I cant find the mask they use for sale?? Thanks!


Hi Carly!
I have an ongoing battle with oily/combination congested acne skin. What products would you suggest to help with the bumpy texture to get it looking smooth and glowy? Thanks!


Hi Carley! I have managed to gain control of my skin over the past 12 months, but find I still get large pimples for no apparent reason. What is your favourite method for spot treating a trouble area? Thanks! Daniel


Hi Carley, I love asap products, am currently using the Super B serum , A+ serum and Advanced Eye Complex. My skin is pigmented (fair Irish complexion!) and dehydrated. What would you recommend from an anti-ageing perspective? Thanks so much!


Hi Carley, I have just started using ASAP products. I am using the gentle cleanser at night and using the SPF 50 moisturiser in the morning. I have just ordered the eye cream to hopefully reduce dark circles and wrinkles. I would like advise on a good evening moisturiser to help with my wrinkles, pigmentation and dryness. Thanks, Fiona


Hi Carley
I would love to know what to use on my neck and chest, it’s looking considerably more aged than my face.


hi carley, what anti aging products do you recommend for skin that is prone to redness?


What’s a good gentle morning cleanser? I’ve heard we shouldn’t over cleanse but at the same time our skin works overnight so should be cleansed in the morning.


Hi Carley, Is there any way that pigmentation marks can be removed from either the face or hands?


Hi Carley, Do you recommend the use of a dermal roller? does it really help your product absorb faster?
Many Thanks,


Hello Carley, I’m 44yrs and have quite dry skin.I love asap products and use the cleanser, daily exfoliating scrub & ultimate hydration moisturiser. For added moisture & for some SPF cover, I then use the CC cream. Is this ok to do or am I potentially clogging up my skin with too many creams and not hydrating it properly?


Hi Carley, I use the LightStim for wrinkles, of course purchased from Adore Beauty! Could you advise please if the ASAP super B complex serum would be beneficial on my skin prior to using the LightStim or is it best to use after? Thanks Sandra


Hi Carly

I recently received a sample of the ASAP DNA renewal treatment and I really like it, it also smells divine.

Pardon my ignorance but could you tell me please is this a moisturiser, I’m currently using the ASAP advanced hydrating moisturiser - this was recommended to me by one of the ladies as I’m almost 40 and have a bit of rosacea.

If it is a moisturiser could you tell me please if it is more suited to my skin (fair, rosacea, 39 yrs) or am I best to stick with what I’m now using? I will say that since I swapped to the ASAP range my skin has cleared and looks much better and I’m really happy with the products that you initially recommend.

Looking forward to your response and thoughts.

With regards


Hi Carley,

Welcome to this forum, I hope you are well!

I understand that ASAP products uses active ingredients such as AHA’s, how would this benefit my skin?

And one more question, how does this ingredient differ from BHA’s?

Thank you so much! I look forward to hearing from you.


Aroma x


Hi Carley
I have PCOS & have been unsuccessful finding a product that can help with my breakouts.
I haven’t tried ASAP yet and am hoping it can help me. Can you suggest a product to aid with oiliness, & blackheads to prevent breakouts as much as possible.
Thanks so much
Carley x


Hey Carley,

I’ve been using ASAP products for 6 months now and I’m adoring the effects on my skin.

Having not used many products previously I was told not to use too many active ingredients on my skin to begin with (hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and retinol) although I’m very keen to use them. How do you recommend I start using your products? At the moment I’m using asap ultimate hydration and asap daily exfoliating facial scrub.



Hi Carley,

Thanks for taking the time to answer our questions. I have been using the daily cleanser and moisturiser with spa pretty religiously for several years now and occasionally the night cream. My question is that I have oily skin and a lot of blackheads/enlarged pores as well as redness, pigmentation. Which products should I be adding to my routine to get real results for these issues?

Thanks again!