Q&A With Ellie Douglas For Dermalogica

Q&A With Ellie Douglas For Dermalogica


We know you guys love our guest Q&As so we’ve got another exciting one up our sleeve. Please give a huge Adore welcome to Ellie Douglas from Dermalogica who will be joining us on Tuesday, October 10th, 6pm-8pm AEST to answer all your skin care and product questions about Dermalogica

Ellie is a qualified Skin Therapist with over 10 years experience in the skin care industry. She’s passionate about skin and instantly connected to Dermalogica’s approach to skin health – that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Ellie started her career with Dermalogica in the UK as a Skin Therapist working in a Dermalogica treatment centre, before making the move into Education at Dermalogica and The International Dermal Institute. She teaches and supports professional skin therapists to achieve real results for their clients, and nothing motivates her more than seeing professional skin therapists and their clients achieving real results through advanced Dermalogica skin treatments and professional strength formulations.

Please feel free to start leaving your questions for Ellie here on the forum in the lead up to the Q&A event and we’d of course also love you to join us on the evening of Tuesday the 10th of October.

The 10 best questions, as chosen by Ellie, will also be winning a Dermalogica PreCleanse Balm!



Hi Ellie

I am a massive fan of the age smart range, it’s done wonders for my skin and I have or have tried most of the range.

I use the age smart cleanser every day as my skin can tolerate the lactic acid and some times I apply the cleanser to dry skin and leave it on for 10 minutes as a quick mini peel. I was wondering if this is a good idea on my skin? I don’t get any reactions or peeling from it and my skin looks super glowy after it!
Can I mix my superfoliant in the cleanser for an extra kick too?
I was also devoted to the Multi vitamin power serum, but it is obviously discontinued. Is there a serum coming to replace it? I bought the overnight repair serum but I didn’t like the smell and I already use a face oil so it seemed pointless and pricey when I prefer a marula oil anyday.

Thanks for your time



I’m almost 30 but still get acne, especially hormonal acne around my chin. I looked into the Clear Start range but am worried it is aimed more at teenage skin. Would this still work for me? If not, could you recommend some products that would?


Hello Ellie,


Is it OK to use the Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant with a Clarisonic or any other face cleansing brush? Would it be too harsh on the skin? I’m constantly marinating in dead skin but I don’t know if it’s too much!




I’ve found that even when I don’t try to pop pimples on my cheek it’s leaving marks. Is there anything I should be doing to avoid acne scarring or is there a product you recommend that will help lighten them faster?


Hi Ellie

I am in my 30’s and have noticed the need for eye cream in recent years. My main concerns are the fine lines under and on the side of my eyes and also the wrinkles and sagging in my eyelids. My secondary concerns are dark circles and including a SPF sun protection in my day time eye cream. I would like to use an eye cream that is scientifically backed and has a strong reputation for improving and reducing future fine lines.

What eye cream do you recommend? Can I also use it on my upper eyelids?



Hi Ellie,
I have both hyper and hypo pigmentation on the lower half of my face, plus redness on my cheek area. Can you please recommend products that will even out the appearance of my skin?




Hi Ellie

I have seen you have a new cleanser called Pre Balm. How is this cleanser different to a cleansing cream that states it will remove makeup. I love to cleanse and want the cleanest skin to apply my next layers of skincare such as serum and moisturisers. If I use Pre Balm do I need to cleanse again after I have used this?

Thankyou so much


Hi Ellie,

I’m excited to try the new PreCleanse balm but I belong in a bubble (or so my partner keeps telling me!) and suffer from heightened skin sensitivity, particularly on the face. Is this new product okay for me to try or would you recommend another cleansing product from the Dermalogica range?

Candace :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Ellie,

I suffer from Keratosis pilaris on my face- it’s only my cheeks that seem to suffer really, and I was wondering if there was any product you’d recommend to help with this?

Thanks, Maddy


Hi Ellie,
I would like advice for the best product to use to improve the look under my eyes, l am 54 and this year l have really noticed bags beginning to form and would like to conceal them the best way possible so l don’t look so tired (and old lol) I also am very sensitive around my eyes.
kind regards Linda


Hi Ellie!

I am one year away from the big 3…0 and obviously when you’re growing up, partying all the time you don’t think too much about your skin.
But now I’m smarter (Sometimes) I realise it’s time to take more care of it.
My questions for you are:
What is the best product for dark under eye circles?
What product routine and products should I be using?
My skin is normal but dry in patches.

Thanks in advance for helping me!!!



Hi Ellie,

I get acne on my chest, what products would be good to use to treat it?


Hi Ellie,

Should I use moisturizer and Dermalogica dynamic skin recovery spf 50 after that or would that be too much. I don’t wont to end up with greasy face but someone suggested that I should use both. My skin is normal to oily in T zone.
Thanks for your help


Hi Ellie,

I have sensitive and mostly dry skin, oily in the t-zone. I was wondering the best products you recommend to help control blackheads?
Also, i have bad uneven skin tone so looking for products to help treat that too :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance x


Hi ellie!

Im 36, sensitive combination skin, pale, sunscreen obsessed but some pigmentation.
Ive used and loved the microfoliant, age smart eye/lip gel, the whole age smart range.
What Dermalogica product or products would you suggest for pigmentation on the face and hands? I know i have to be careful to protect the skin mantle?

Thankyou for sharing your knowledge and expertise with us! Xx


Hi there Ellie,
You seriously have the best job! I have been a dermalogica customer since 2009 and what I love most is how so many of the products still remain on the current market because they really are THAT GOOD!
Anyhow, I have dry skin on my cheeks/decolletage while my t-zone is oilier. My nose is constantly filled with blackheads and quite often becomes rough and flaky. Help! How can I best address these two very different concerns? Thank you!


Hey Ellie!

What are your favourite Dermalogica products? And if you were stranded on a desert island, which products would you choose to take with you and why?

:heart: Georgia


Hi Ellie!
I have incredibly dehydrated skin which constantly needs hydration. What would you recommend for me as a daily skin boost?
I also have a very dry nose and struggle to get makeup to sit flawlessly on it, do you have any recommendations for exfoliants/other products that may help the texture of this area?
Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi Ellie,

I am a longtime fan of Dermalogica and have used some of your products in the past. I am interested in investing more time (and money) into my skincare, however, my skin has been a little haywire lately.

I’m currently in my mid-twenties and my skin has finally started to settle from being quite acne-prone and inflamed. Although I still get the pesky cystic pimple once a month (which takes ages to heal), my skin is mostly dehydrated on the forehead and around my cheeks. What type of cleanser should I be using based on my skin type: a cream, gel or foam?

My skin also tends to be a oilier in summer. Should I change my cleanser between the winter and summer seasons?

I am currently using Active Moist following cleansing, but I am scared to use anything heavier (such as the Skin Smoothing cream) as I am worried about getting whiteheads.

Thanks ahead of time for answering my questions,