Q&A With Emilie Roberson From BIODERMA Skincare

Q&A With Emilie Roberson From BIODERMA Skincare


Please give your warmest Adore Beauty welcome to Emilie Roberson from BIODERMA Australia who will be joining us for a Q&A on Monday the 26th of February to answer all your skincare questions.

With 9 years of experience in the dermocosmetics industry, Emilie is both the Brand Manager and trainer for Bioderma Australia and has been with their umbrella company (Cosmetiques De France) since they were founded in July 2011 starting with them right back when dermocosmetics was still new to Australia at the time.
Emilie completed a Master of Marketing and Management in Lyon, France
before falling in love with Australia during a university exchange in 2007 and decided to come back permanently few years later

Emilie’s beauty philosophy is that less is more, she places emphasis on investing in skincare and adopting a healthy lifestyle with make-up coming in after to enhance your natural beauty. Like most French women, she is not big on the overly made-up look and would rather invest in targeting skin issues first to achieve healthy, radiant and glowing skin.
Similarly, the Bioderma philosophy aims to find biological solutions to preserve the health and beauty of the skin: “When skin suffers, we should use its natural biology and teach it to react, rather than treating it.” Bioderma formulas are inspired by the skin and its natural mechanisms with the aim of reproducing them in their products.
Bioderma uses ingredients that are naturally part of the skin which explains the unique skin tolerance of the products.

You are all welcome to start leaving your questions for Emilie from now until Monday the 26th of February. The top 10 questions as chosen by Emilie will be winning a 500ml bottle of Bioderma Sensibio H20 Micellaire Cleanser
*Please note prizes can only be shipped within Australia


Hi Emilie,
I’m a recent Bioderma Micellaire Cleanser concert and can I just say, geez I wish I had switched sooner!!
My question is regarding time in my skincare routine; how long should I wait between applying products? I want to make sure that my products are working optimally. I’m trying to work on my skincare routine since dealing with my acne so I’m really looking forward to what you know.
Thank you in advance,


Hi Emilie
I’ve been using cleansing oils for a few years as my make-remover/first cleanse, but I’ve seen alot about Bioderma Micellaire on the internet. I have dry and sensitive skin. I’m wondering about switching from a cleansing oil to the Bioderma but I would like to know more how it works on the skin - can you tell me what the difference between cleansing oil and Micellaire is?


Hi Emilie!
I’ve been addicted to the Micellar cleansing water for a while now and I think it is amazing! So I wanted to try more products of the Bioderma range and I was wondering what products do you recommend for clogged pores/congested skin? And also what time of skincare routine would be best?

I look forward to hearing from you,



Hi Emilie,

I have previously used micellar water before from a different brand but didn’t have a great impression of it. I felt like it was mildly irritating, left some sort of residue on the face and didn’t really cleanse my skin properly - needed to double cleanse. I am wondering what actually makes bioderma sensiblo micellaire cleanser different to the other brands out there and if this is beneficial for sensitive AND oily, acne-prone skin?

Thank you!


Hi Emilie
I was given a sample of the Bioderma Hydrabio Serum from one of my purchases and loved it. NOW, I would really love to include Bioderma into my beauty routine. My question is; are all micellar cleansing waters the same? I have mature, dry skin and would like to know if the Bioderma would be suitable for me?


Hi Emilie,
I have rosacea but have been pregnant or breastfeeding for the past few years so my GP has been (and is still currently) unable to treat me. I have tried various skincare ranges but haven’t found anything that reduces my severe redness. What would you recommend from the Bioderma range that would help me?


Hi Emilie, I haven’t used your Micellaire water cleanser before. I normally do a double cleanse in the evenings with a cleansing oil followed by a cream cleanser. Would this be sufficient and effective to remove all long wear makeup in one go with just this product? Looking to maximise on time and always looking for effective travel product options. Thank you:)


Hi Emilie, I have been using Micellar water from a different brand as part of my beauty and skin care routine for a good few years. I have combination skin and occasional breakouts around the chin. Could you please tell me if BIODERMA micellar water is the perfect product for me and what makes it better than other brands? Thanks! :blush:


Hello Emilie, I hope you are having a wonderful day. I was just wondering if a good skincare regimen can ever replace the need to wear foundation? If so, what products do you recommend? I have normal skin but am prone to blackheads on my nose and a monthly acne breakout on my chin. Thanks for your time


Is the micellaire cleanser light enough to use after a work out in the morning ie BEFORE applying makeup as well as to remove makeup at the end of the day? Thanks :slight_smile:


Hi Emillie just wondering whether the Bioderma micellar water is helpful for oily skin, I find I get shiny and sweaty when I use other micellar water’s. Also is there a sumscreen I can use that isn’t going to leave me shiny face


Hi Emilie! I would like to start incorporating BIODERMA products into my skincare routine. What products would you recommend for someone in their early 30s with normal skin? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Hi Emilie!
Last year I entered my thirties and was wondering if you had any advise as to how my skincare should be changing/ what I should be looking for to suit my skin during this period of my life? I’ve noticed I’m looking more towards skincare to improve my appearance rather than slathering heaps of makeup on, with the aim to look bright, healthy and natural!
P.S. Almost finished my first bottle of Bioderma Sensibio Foaming Gel and has been working great!


Hey Emilie,

So happy to have you here! Love Bioderma so much and it’s so great to have an expert on the products share their knowledge. Since picking up my first bottle in a French pharmacy years ago, I’ve used the Bioderma Micellaire Cleanser for years and I honestly don’t think I could ever replace it or find a more reliable product. I can’t imagine what my cabinet or face would be like without it. Despite years of using this amazing product, I’ve heard so many conflicting reports on the best thing to do once you’ve used it. So I’d love to know, do you rinse your skin off after use or do you leave it on your face once you’re done? I’ve been advised on both options by makeup artists/skincare experts/bloggers so I’d love your opinion on the best thing to do once you’re ready to move onto your next step.

Thanks so much for your advice!



Hi @erinmc

Thank you so much for your lovely feedback on our H2O Micellar Water! Hard to believe this product has been around in France for over 20 years :wink:
As a general rule of thumb, I like to start with products from lighter consistency to thicker consistency for better absorption of the products, starting from essence/mist moving into serums then moisturisers.

Another vital step to maximising absorption is exfoliation. When a canvas is fresh and free from dead skin cells and sebum build up, the skin will absorb the products more efficiently. I don’t usually count the seconds that I wait when I apply the products, but I do like to continually tap the products into the skin using light piano fingers and once I feel that the product is fully absorbed, I move onto the the next product. The only time I would wait is between my skincare and makeup application. After applying my sunscreen or BB cream, I like to give my skin a minute to absorb everything that I’ve applied and then proceed with my makeup.
Just remember to keep you routine simple and consistent to see results. It usually takes 28 days for skin cell turnover, so try to stick with your skincare routine to see improvement.
I hope this answers your question!

Warm regards,


Hello @andrada

Thank you for loving our H2O Micellar Water. I’m delighted to hear that you want to try more from our range!

Our Sebium range would be perfect for your skin. It is formulated for oily to combination skin with a range of products addressing oily skin, congestion, blackheads and whiteheads, and acne.

The most important products to consider is a good cleanser, a lightweight moisturiser (which won’t clog the pores) and a sunscreen to protect your skin daily from UV rays.
First of all, I would recommend introducing a good cleanser in your skincare routine. People tend to concentrate on the moisturisers, but a good cleanser should prepare the skin effectively for all the products to come next.

You can either start with our Micellar water that you love (maybe try the Sebium H2O, the version for oily prone skin), or try a rinse-off option like a foaming gel cleanser. I recommend the Sebium Gel Foaming Cleanser which not only helps with reducing sebum production but also prevents the formation of clogged pores and pimples! I personally use it as a second step as I like to double cleanse at night!

Follow up with one of our treatment moisturiser. If your main concern is congested skin and blackheads, the Sebium AKN is a great option. It contains 5% AHA (Citric acid), 2% BHA (Salicylic acid) to refine the texture of the skin and gently exfoliates to prevent breakouts.
If you find it too active, I would recommend to only use it at night. So alternatively, you can use an oil free moisturiser in the day like our Sebium Pore refiner. It will keep the shine away but also help to reduce the appearance of pores.

Lastly, give a try to Photoderm BB Cream which is an alternative from wearing foundation if you wear makeup-up on a daily basis. It has been formulated for normal to combination skin, has SPF 50+ to protect the skin from UV damage and have a dry touch fluid texture for a natural finish.

I really hope it works wonder for your skin.

Warm regards,


Bonjour @jenniferpiercy

Micellar water is a water-based solution as compared to a cleansing oil which is oil based.
A lot of people with dry skin have been unconditional of oils for numerous years but micellar waters are quite versatile as they also have a restorative action bringing back lipids (good oils) to the skin.

Not only is it hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, alcohol-free and paraben-free, what makes Sensibio H2O so special lies in the technology of micelles. Micellar water contains tiny molecules, with a side that is attracted to water, and a side that is attracted to oil and impurities such as sebum, make-up and pollution.
When you pour our solution onto a cotton pad, the head of the micelles stick to the surface of the cotton pad. In the opposite, the bottom of the micelle is now exposed to your face and as you gentle wipe it across the skin, it will attract all the oils, dirt and impurities off the face. Saying differently, it works like a magnet!

There is no need to rinse-off as the formula cleanses but also moisturises and soothes the skin thanks to the composition of the micelles itself. This is where avoiding harsh and drying tap water is a real benefit for very sensitive and dry skin!

Bioderma has actually three Micellar water catered to different skin types. Sensibio for sensitive skin (pink cap), Sebium for Oily Skin (green cap) and Hydrabio for Dehydrated dry skin (blue cap). I would definitely recommend you to give it a shot! Maybe start with Sensibio which is the most gentle formula then if you are convinced switch to Hydrabio for the colder months as it is more hydrating.

I hope you will love our micellar water as much as I do!

Warm regards,


Hello @annaly

Thanks for this great question, we get asked this question a lot!

Bioderma is the pioneer of Micellar technology, and created the first Micellar Water in 1995, that’s 23 years ago :sweat_smile: This was extremely innovative at the time because Micelles had only been used in Biology and not in skincare. A little anecdote here: it never was created to be a make-up remover but a cleanser for intolerant skin! But make-up artists and celebrities feel in love with the product for its gentleness and efficacy and the rest is history!!

What makes our H2O Micellar Water different from all the other ones lies in our technology. You said that you have tried micellar water that leaves your skin feeling sticky and irritated. That is because a lot of companies use synthetics molecules, whereas Bioderma contains natural micelles that is similar and compatible to the skin structure (so it works in perfect osmosis with the skin for a better tolerance).

Another difference is that Bioderma use pharmaceutical grade water in all its products (and so in its micellar water), the same one that it is used in injections! Having the purest water allows Bioderma to be suitable for the most sensitive skin, this includes skin prone Eczema, Dermatitis, allergic skin, etc.
Sensibio H2O is also pH balanced containing soothing ingredients for a skin restorative action, thus leaves the skin feeling soothed and freshly cleansed. Again, so the product offers a better tolerance and less risk of reaction.

Another difference is that it doesn’t sting the eyes, making it a popular choice among lash extension technicians.

If your skin is oily or prone to acne, you can also try Sebium H2O. This micellar water purifies the skin and prevent the oil from clogging the pores leading to blackheads and blemishes. Just remember to avoid the eyes area as the purifying ingredients of the formula could sting your eyes.

Warm regards,


Hi @alisonrenwick,

Thank you so much for the feedback. I am so glad to hear you like the Hydrabio Serum.

I actually was going to recommend the Hydrabio H2O, our micellar water for dehydrated dry skin. It has the same micellar cleansing abilities than the famous Sensibio H2O but the only difference is that it contains Niacinamide and apple seed extract to lock water in the epidermis and provide hydration on the long term. It will make your skin feels more comfortable and radiant. Hydrabio range has a light allergen free fragrance (Sensibio range being fragrance-free).
Hydrabio range is not an anti-ageing range though but we all know that age management starts with a well-hydrated, glowing and plump skin so it is a great base to start your skin regime.

If your skin is on the drier side, I would recommend to give a go to Hydrabio Toner too: it will give you a boost of hydration and it deeply soothes the skin preparing it for the application of the serum. You will definitely see better results! A little tip with the toner: place it in your fridge for couple of minutes and pour some solution on cotton rounds: as it contains cucumber extract, it’s great as a little ‘pick me up’ eye mask to decongest the eyes and bring radiance to the skin!

Hope to count you part of the Bioderma family soon!

Warm regards,