Q&A With Emilie Roberson From BIODERMA Skincare

Q&A With Emilie Roberson From BIODERMA Skincare


Hi @catherineaugunas

Thank you for taking time to reach out as I am sure you must be pretty busy with your little ones!
Bioderma does have a range for Rosacea which could be a good relief until you can start undergoing dermatological treatments again.

I would definitely recommend to start with a good cleanser: Sensibio H2O would be the best option for now as Sensibio H2O AR (the anti-redness version) is not available yet on the Australian market.
This will definitely help since our micellar water has soothing ingredients but also anti-inflammatory to make the skin stronger and less reactive overtime.
Switching for a non-rinse and pH balanced cleanser in your case will be beneficial too as tap water can be harsh and bring more redness to the skin.

The main product I would recommend is Senbibio AR (stands for Anti Redness). Our exclusive Rosactiv patent helps to reduce and prevent redness by regulating the biological factor responsible for the vasodilation of blood vessels (this is done by targeting the VEGF, one of the main reason for dilation and weakening of skin capillaries = source of redness).
Sensibio AR also contains Enoxolone, Allantoin and Canola, a combination of intense soothing agents to instantly reduce heating sensations.
In 2016, Bioderma launched a new product called Sensibio AR BB Cream which has the same formula but offers additionally a SPF 30 protection and a medium tint to cover redness.

I would recommend to maybe start with Sensibio AR morning and night and see you go?
Or ideally use Sensibio AR BB Cream on the mornings and Sensibio AR at night. In any case, give it at least a month as you won’t see results overnight.

I would also suggest to use a weekly soothing mask such as Sensibio Mask to calm redness, deeply soothe if your skin is feeling tight and makes it more resilient overtime.

I really hope this will help your skin.

Warm regards,


Thankyou Emilie, that’s great information!


Bonjour @hayleykingsley

Thank you so much for your interest in Bioderma!

Sensibio H2O is indeed a non-rinse product and can be used on its own as it is gentle and efficient on both eyes and face make-up. If you are using a waterproof mascara, I would recommend to hold the cotton pad on your eyes for a few seconds then wipe off. I personally use up to 3-4 cotton pads each night: 1 per eye and 1-2 on the face. But the key is: when the cotton pad is clean, you are done!

If you are an adept of the double cleanse routine, you can definitely still do it with the micellar water. I personally double cleanse with a foaming gel but in colder months I like to use the Sensibio milk (creamy texture) first then finish off with Sensibio H2O.

I think the main benefit of using a micellar water and especially the Bioderma one, is that it’s very gentle on the skin and work alongside its own composition so there is no disruption. It is also soothing and moisturising so a good way to prep the skin for the rest of the regime. It is also free from ‘nasties’ such as soap, alcohol, paraben that could irritate the skin. So on the long term the skin is less prone reaction.

The other thing that is special to Bioderma is that is offers a restorative action which replenishes the skin in lipids (good oils) so it is not drying or doesn’t leave a sticky residue.

If you trust me enough :wink: , maybe try a little experiment: double cleanse as usual then pour some Sensibio H2O on a cotton pad and cleanse a third time! You might be surprise to see that there is still few impurities and make up on the cotton round.

I hope this answers your question.

Warm regards,


Hi @Yuliana_Douventzidis

Thank you for your question and your interest in our Bioderma Micellar Water!

Did you know that Bioderma was the creator of Micellar Water in 1995 after the discovery of Micelle technology, so they have patented what they thought was the best micelle for effective and gentle cleansing efficacy! So coming next, many competitors had to opt for other micelles and often synthetic ones.

Another key difference which make our H2O Micellar water perfect for your skin is that it contains very purified water that is pollutant free. Bioderma uses a 9 step purification process to create water so pure that it is used in injections! Our H2O contains no nasties like fragrance, paraben, alcohol or oil, making it the best choice for sensitive skin prone to breakouts or irritations.

I really think this is where the main difference is: if your skin is sensitive or sensitized due to a skin condition or a temporary treatment (aesthetics or medical), this is really where you will see the difference. Today Bioderma is recommended by 44,000 dermatologists worldwide and relies on multiple clinical studies that shows a difference on the skin (as a good cleanser but also as a way to makes the skin stronger overtime)

Hope this will help and make you want to give it a go sometimes!

Warm regards,


Hello @dilmenramadan

Oh that is a great question!
Being French we love bare skin, we focus our energy on perfecting our skin with skincare so we limit the need to cover it too much!
If your concern is blackheads and hormonal acne spots, I would recommend to give our Sebium AKN cream a go. It contains exfoliating properties to purify and exfoliate the skin [5% AHA (Citric Acid) and 2% BHA (Salicylic Acid)] to reduce blackheads, clogged pores and breakouts. I would recommend you to use it as a spot treatment in those few days of the month. And for the rest of the month you can use an everyday oil controlling moisturiser, Sebium Mat, to keep the oils at bay.

Alternatively, instead of wearing foundation, I am a big fan of lighter formulation such as BB Cream.
Today in our australian portfolio, we have two options: our Sensibio AR BB cream containing SPF 30 and providing up to medium to full coverage (ideal for sensitive skin prone to redness/rosacea), or our Photoderm BB Cream SPF50, for sheer to light cover.

I have since stopped wearing foundation after discovering Photoderm BB Cream and it has changed my skin around. It looks much more natural, it feels lighter, and my skin has never been so glowy!
I keep my foundation for going out or for those few days a month when the skin really don’t want to behave!!

I hope this information helps!

Warm regards,


Bonjour @katejudomadonna

Definitely YES! Our Micellar water is great to use post gym workout! It will attract any oil residues such as sweat, sebum or impurities build up during exercising. I would maybe suggest an alternative option: try the Sensibio H2O wipes post workout as they are quite handy to take in the gym bag. It is the same formula but in a wipe version.

If you are afraid of the sticky residue that other micellar waters leave behind, you can rest assured!
Bioderma has formulated its micellar water to be incredibly gentle thanks to the micelle technology that not only effectively cleanses without drying the skin, it also contains skin restorative action to soothe the skin, therefore making it a popular choice for the most sensitive skin.
Saying that it is efficient enough and can even be used on waterproof mascara. It hasn’t been chosen by make up artists around the world for no reason :wink:

If you want to cleanse your skin before applying make-up, I would recommend using the Sensibio Toner to freshen up and gently cleanses the skin. This is what I use every morning to wake up my skin and refresh it after a night of sleep. I keep my micellar water for night to remove my make-up.

Hope this will be helpful?!

Warm regards,


Hi @jackielambert

Great question as it gives me the opportunity to explain that there is a micellar water for each skin type! Three in our case: one for sensitive, one for dry and one for oily skin.
I know many of you are more familiar with the sensibio H2O but like Chanel there is more than just Chanel number 5 :wink:

Have you tried our green bottle, Sebium H2O Micellar water, that is suitable for oily to combination skin and skin prone to breakouts?
It is formulated to purify the skin, reduce the production of sebum and avoid the clogging of pores. It still contains the same goodness of our original Sensibio H2O, however, be mindful not to use Sebium H2O around the eyes as the purifying ingredients may sting the eyes, whilst the Sensibio will not.

Alternatively you can try a rinse off cleanser like our Sebium Foaming gel, which is soap-free to manage oils and to leave your skin feeling fresh and cleansed without drying.

For sun protection, you can try our Photoderm BB cream which is an oil free fluid, and the only alternative to a sunscreen. It contains SPF 50+ and has been formulated for normal to combination with a dry touch texture!
I personally have a combination skin and it is perfect for me. But if your skin is very oily, you might find your skin shining during the day and will need to use bloating paper.

Unfortunately, our range in Australia at this stage is still small. In France, Bioderma has 49 products in sun care alone! So we have a long way to go… But hopefully we can keep growing and bring more products to Australia. Keep your eyes peeled.

Warm regards,


Hi @linhhong

Women in their 30s are usually on the go, so I would recommend a micellar water for quick and gentle makeup removal and cleansing. If your skin is normal, I would recommend to try our cult favourite Sensibio H2O, or Hydrabio H2O if your skin is on the drier side.

You can consider our Hydrabio range, which thanks to Niacinamide, plumps the skin with hydration and promotes radiance and a healthy glow in the complexion. Being in my thirties as well, I love using the Hydrabio Toner, followed by the Hydrabio Serum. I find that these two products gives an instant boost of hydration and works beautifully with my skin. I feel like this work wonders associated with an anti ageing serum, which is my other concern :wink:

Exfoliate! Exfoliate at least once a week. The skin becomes a little lazier as we age so its very important to act on that with an exfoliator to remove build up so that we get the necessary benefits form our moisturisers and serums! And again have a more radiant skin.

Finally I would say: SUN PROTECTION IS YOUR BEST FRIEND! To avoid pigmentation and brown spots, prevention is key. I am vigilant with applying sunscreen daily even on a cloudy day to avoid pigmentation. Find a texture that you enjoy wearing everyday and stick to it!

I really love the Photoderm BB Cream as it contains SPF50 and it has a fluid texture so it blends into the skin nicely with just a touch of sheer coverage and glow! Its my secret to the “no makeup” skin!

Warm regards,


Thank you for your response @emilieroberson I will definitely be making some purchases, the Sensibio H20, AR, AR BB & soothing mask sound like they could be perfect for me :heart_eyes:
Your comment about water being harsh is quite interesting and not one I had previously considered but does make sense. We shifted homes two years ago and my skin being at it’s worst probably does coincide with that and our change of water supply.


Hello @carisprosser

Thank you for loving our Sensibio Foaming gel!

Haha welcome to my world!
I would suggest to choose a skincare routine based on the time you are willing to invest in it. The key for positive results it to stay consistent and there is no point to have a ten step routine when you only have 20 minutes to get ready in the morning. So take a step back and find what your main concern is. Is it ageing, pigmentation, breakouts, sensitivity or simply just hydration?

Based on your indications, there are specific ingredients that can help you achieve the results. Do a little Google search and you will find a few ingredients that will help with your concern ie: AHA, Glycolic Cid, Niacinamide etc.

Now, with your aim to look bright, healthy and natural. That I can help with! Being French, we are all about embracing natural beauty and channeling the “French Lazy”.

We tend to use very little cosmetics but in place focus on our skincare routine with a few multi purpose products like our cult product Sensibio H2O, to cleanse and soothe the skin with no rinsing. It is particular helpful for those late night when you are too tired to go through a full cleansing routine!

For daily moisturisers, have a look at Sensibio AR BB Cream or Sensibio Light for everyday soothing and moisturising range. If your skin get oily on the T Zone, Sebium Mat might be a good option… If your skin is a little dull and under the radar (especially during the change of season), then Hydrabio range will give you the little “pick me up” you are after!

Final recommendation would be our Photoderm BB cream which moisturises, protects with SPF 50+ and gives a tint of light coverage and glow! I feel that in your 30s if you don’t protect your skin against harmful effects of the sun, it might be hard to avoid pigmentation and dark spots in your 40s…

Hope this helps !

Warm regards,


Hi @keelyquinn

Thank you so much for such loyalty towards Bioderma and for sharing your love for the product!

To be very honest with you, there is no real good or bad. But rinsing your micellar water will remove some of the beneficial effects of the product: the soothing effect of the ingredients, the restorative and moisturising action of the micelle.

I would say though that if you were leaving in France and had very sensitive skin, you would definitely see the difference. When you traveled to France you may have noticed that French tap water is excessively harsh and drying, so using tap water would make the skin more reactive and prone to redness and tightness!
This is actually the main reason why Bioderma’s founder created the first ever micellar water in the world: he wanted to find a solution for those with extremely sensitive and even intolerant skin, people that needed to stay away from water!

More than a make-up remover, Sensibio H2O is a cleanser. This is why it is used by many dermatologists worldwide.

So I would say for people that swear by double cleansing, start with an oil or cream cleanser then finish off with the micellar water to keep all the soothing and hydrating benefits! And especially the benefit of the PH balanced that offers Sensibio H2O.

I hope it answers your question!

Warm regards,


Thanks for taking the time to reply to my questions. I have used a few products in the past but I wasn’t sure what order to use them in, would I be able to use the pore cream and then the BB cream after washing with the face wash at night and the Micellar water in the morning? I love testing products and blogging about them. Does Bioderma have testing trials? Because I would be very interested in getting involved with such a great company, I also follow the French Instagram site for Bioderma. So I have had a look at the great products we will hopefully get!!! (One day)
Thanks again Jackie Lambert


Thanks for answering my question @emilieroberson :slight_smile:

Looking forward to giving these products a go!


@jackielambert My pleasure! That’s correct: wash first then apply the Sebium Pore Refiner then finish with the Photoderm BB Cream. At this stage we do not do testing trials but feel free to follow our Facebook page (Biodermaau) as we run many competitions and offers products to try.
We are definitely looking at expanding the portfolio in Australia so keep an eye for it!!
Have a lovely day.


Thank you Emilie, you have been so generous guiding me in which product to purchase and use for my skin.
I will definitely be part of the Bioderma family!


That’s so interesting! I didn’t realise that the history of the product all came about because of the Parisian tap water. I do love a double cleanse and I’ve always used the water afterwards so it’s good to know I can pair back one of those cleansers and use Bioderma as my second one.

Thanks so much for your thoughtful answer.

Really appreciate it!



Thank you @emilieroberson! We’ve loved having you on board as a Q&A guest to tell us all your amazing BIODERMA tips and tricks . :clap::clap::clap:
For anyone keen to check out the range you can head straight over to the Adore Beauty site and sneak some goodies into your shopping bag.