Q&A With Joey Scandizzo For ELEVEN Australia Hair Care

Q&A With Joey Scandizzo For ELEVEN Australia Hair Care


Get ready to welcome our next Adore Beauty Q&A Guest, hair extraordinaire and Co-Creative Director for ELEVEN Australia, Joey Scandizzo! Joey will be joining us on the forum throughout the day on Tuesday the 24th of October to answer all your ELEVEN Australia hair care questions

Joey is a well established icon of Australia’s hairdressing industry whose unprecedented success has taken him around the world, mentoring upcoming names in the industry, helping establish him as one of the country’s most trusted hair fashion stylists and spokespeople. From executing the perfect bob to leading a team of stars, he does so with a passion that is an inspiration in itself.

Hailed Australia’s own ‘stylist to the stars’, Joey’s regular clientele include a host of celebrity names - Rachel Griffiths, Harry Kewell, Asher Keddie, Hamish Blake and Ruby Rose are all regulars in his chair. His growing empire of salons has also attracted A-lister names such as Giuliana Rancic, Lily Allen, Jennifer Hawkins, Megan Gale and Bec Judd.
Joey’s hairdressing talent and natural charisma have also won him appearances in front of the camera. His on-air highlights include Australia’s Next Top Model, Beauty & The Geek (Makeovers), The Biggest Loser, The Block, The Project, Today Show, Mornings and Naomi Campbell’s The Face.

Joey’s long list of professional accolades includes 2012 Hair Expo Australian Hairdresser of the Year as well AHFA’s Australian Hairdresser of the Year for two consecutive years. And it doesn’t stop there. Joey has also been busy building his own salon empire, Jam Creative Group, which now includes three renowned hair dressing institutions: Joey Scandizzo Salon, UVA Salon and Kings Domain Barber Shop.

Please feel free to start leaving your questions for Joey here on the forum in the lead up to the Q&A event and we’d of course also love you to join us on on Tuesday October 24th

The 10 best questions, as chosen by Joey, will also be winning a ELEVEN Australia Miracle Hair Treatment!


Hi Joey

Firstly congratulations on all your success. Your resume seems pretty amazing!

With my hair I am always in a bit of a dilemma. I have very fine, flat hair that I crucify to an icy blonde platinum shade every 6 weeks. I know what I do to my hair to obtain this shade is brutal and so damaging and to compensate I only ever use good Haircare and I am constantly purchasing the next amazing shampoo/conditioner, treatment, bond repairer, leave in, reconstructor etc. where my problem lies is that the products that I need to repair the damage to my hair from the bleaching, always seem too heavy and weigh down my hair and make it look limp and gross. And vice versa, the products that I get for volume and thickness, aren’t conditioning enough and make my hair feel crunchy, dead and lifeless.

I love this hair colour but also want to keep my hair as healthy as it can possibly be whilst obtaining some volume, lift and body.
Do you have any recommendations for a happy medium between them both? Can I have volume without sacrificing moisture and softness? Can you recommend any products in the ELEVEN range that would be suited for my hair, without leaving the heavy feel?

Thanks so much for your time


Hi Joey,

My long hair is super dry, frizzy and FULL of split ends, except the roots which get oily soooo quickly!
Whats the best way to manage oily roots and dry ends at the same time?
Also, best split end prevention products? i straighten my hair pretty much daily so there is no shortage of them! I have tried heat sprays (with and without keratin) and Moroccan hair oil in the ends but they really don’t seem to help much.

Thanks so much :slight_smile:


I love to keep my hair long, but once it gets to a certain length I get split ends galore. Other than getting regular trims are there any products or tips on how to minimize split ends?



Hi Joey! Great of you to stop by and share your expertise with us beauty obsessives :heart:

I was wondering if you could suggest a product that is basically a keratin blow dry in a bottle? My hair has become badly brittle, frizzy, weak and balding - my thyroid is a bit broken.

I take lots of fish oil and castor oil, biotin, iron infusions etc to try and build good hair from the inside. And i use a lot of nourishing hair products and oils. But the only thing that seems to help is the $400 keratin blow dry, which is a bit expensive and only lasts 3 months.

Id be so appreciative of any products you could suggest - thankyou kindly!


Hi Joey!

I have natural waves/frizz but am a chronic hair straightener who also likes to wash my hair less frequently if possible to avoid dealing with the whole dry/straighten/style regime too often.

Would love your recommendations on products and a routine that you recommend to keep the frizz away while looking after my hair, given that it gets the ironing treatment a fair bit but also the best way to keep the grease away so that I don’t have to wash as often.

Mel :slight_smile:


Hi Joey,

My hair is a disaster since having my daughter. Just wondering how to best tame all my new hair fuzz I’ve gained around my hairline?

Thank you :slight_smile:


Good morning Joey,

I have thick medium length hair, I treat myself to blonde foils every 12 weeks…I work outside, and find it difficult to purchase a product suitable for my hair type and the conditions I work in…I find my ends are the driest of all despite the numerous products I have tried…my hair tends to frizz in humidity. Thank you for your time,


Hey Joey!

What’s your all time favourite hair style/cut that you’ve done on a client using ELEVEN products? And who is your favourite celebrity client to work with?

Georgia :kissing_heart:


Hi Joey! Thanks so much for answering some of our questions.

I love the feeling of freshly washed hair (and my hair thanks me for it too!).

But I find my hair is too difficult to style when freshly washed and I often find myself stretching out the time between washes to manage.

My hair is very thick, relatively frizzy, and has a LOT of volume.

What would you recommend?



Hi Joey, I am in the hairdressing doldrums & find it really hard to find a hairdresser who understands my hair. As i have gotten older my hair has become finer but it has retained my natural wave, that ‘drops’ as my hair lengthens/gets heavier. I am hoping you could suggest an easy to manage style for me, i am very lazy with styling so really like wash & go. I am in my mid fifties, natural grey with white around my hairline( think cruella deville) with a round face.
Also what products do you recommend to keep my hair in good condition that will highlight all my grey streaks?

many thanks for your advice


Hi Joey!
Thank you for taking the time to answer some questions. I am a hairdresser myself and would love to know what you do to ensure you maintain a work life balance with your busy schedule? Thank you :blush:


Given the growing ‘Natural Hair’ movement and the increasing popularity of the ‘Curly Girl’ method of hair care, will Eleven be looking at products that are sulfate/silicone/drying alcohol/wax free but moisturising products? Alternatively, do you currently have any products in your range that can be used for the ‘CG’ method?


Hi Joey,
I have pretty oily hair, I wash it everyday but I heard that’s not very healthy but if I don’t I feel like I could solve the worlds oil shortage problems with my hair haha is there anything I can do to reduce it being so oily and reduce the frequent need to wash it everyday?
Thanks so much for your time and advice! :slight_smile:


Dea Joey,

I just wanted to know whether your miracle hair treatment was good for frizzy hair?

Also is it better applied before or after heat treatment?

Thanks Ryls


Hi Joey,
Thanks for running a Q&A. My question is about dry shampoo. During the week it’s such as easy solution, but does it have any negative long term effects on my hair? Can I use it on consecutive days?
Thanks so much! Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!


Hi Joey!

I’m currently obsessed with changing my hair colour, every month I go from one colour of the rainbow to another!
I’m finding that it’s taking a toll of the ends of my hair and no matter what product I try I just can’t stop that straw broom feeling!

I am wondering what is the best way to use the Miracle Treatment and do you have any other suggestions for me?


Hi Joey!
If you could only use one product for the rest of your life what would it be?


Hi Joey! :slight_smile: So I’m only 28 and I am starting to notice some grey hairs popping up! I am a brunette and haven’t coloured my hair in years. What do you suggest is the best way to tackle this early? Thanks!


Hi Karlie,
Thanks! Happy to help. You’re not alone. Loads of my clients struggle to find a balance. I’d recommend trying our Keep My Colour Blonde Shampoo and following it up with I Want Body Volume Conditioner. This combo will keep your hair toned while also adding strength with silk amino acids and hydration with avocado oil. Most importantly - it won’t weigh your hair down! Our 3 Minute Repair Rinse Out Treatment is also a lightweight blend of hydration and protein which will strengthen and rejuvenate hair.

Regarding styling, I’d recommend always prepping the hair with Miracle Hair Treatment which is a lightweight treatment that will provide hydration, prevent split ends and more. Then, try our Dry Powder Volume Paste which provides texture while also nourishing the hair with coconut oil.

Hope this helps, Karlie!