Q&A With Lauren McCowan For Olaplex!

Q&A With Lauren McCowan For Olaplex!


Guys, I’ve got another goodie for you here. Please get ready to welcome our next Q&A guest Lauren McCowan who will be answering all your questions about one of our star hair care products, Olaplex, over a 24 hour period on Wednesday the 27th of September!

As Creative Director for Haircare Australia, Lauren has enjoyed an extensive career as an award-winning hairdresser and editorial stylist whilst living in Australia and New York. A highly regarded session stylist, Lauren’s work has been published in the likes of Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire and RUSSH. With a wealth of technical knowledge, Lauren works across Haircare Australia brands Olaplex, Cloud Nine, Evo and Moroccan oil to deliver education and training to hairdressers and colourists around the world.

You are all welcome to start leaving your Olaplex questions for Lauren from now leading up to and including the 27th of September and of course welcome to pop in on the day as well to join in on the fun and catch up on Lauren’s words of wisdom. Lauren will of course try to get to as many questions as possible but will only be able to answer as many as she has time for.

The best 10 questions (as chosen by Lauren) will also be winning an Olaplex No. 3 Treatment!

Best shampoo and conditioner for damaged hair

Hi Lauren, was just wondering if you can still use Olaplex No 3 if you haven’t had the in-salon treatments 1&2 first? Thanks!


Hi Lauren,

I was hoping to know more about how the Olaplex treatments actually work? What makes it such a stand-out product?
Can the olaplex treatment be used to repair permanently straightened hair as well as coloured hair?

Also do you have any recommendations for colourists around Sydney (particularly the Northern Beaches) that incorporate the Olaplex repair treatments into the process?

Thank you for your time.

All the best,
Sylvia :blush:


Hi Lauren!
Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. I am so excited to get as much advice from you as I can!
Aprox 5 months ago I had a hair disaster. I had beautiful purple hair, but changed the colour for a friend’s wedding day. During the colour stripping process, my hair fell out. :hushed:Yup! Cried my eyes out. So I have sported a messy bun ever since, with a heap of bobby pins to keep it together, as I am not able to wear my hair out. I have not been to a salon since! :cry:
Christine has dubbed you one of the only hairdressers she has ever trusted. So I am going to load you up on all my hair questions! :star_struck:

I am already and regular user of Opalex at home treatment.
Therefore I would love your advice on;

  1. How do you know if your hair does or does not need protein? Is there an at home test we can do?
  2. Whilst Opalex is a great treatment, what kind of shampoo and conditioner should we be using for damaged hair?
  3. Are there some essential main ingredients we should be looking for in hair products?
  4. Are there some nasty ingredients we should be avoiding?
  5. Are heat protectants important before blow drying and styling?
  6. Is dry shampoo bad for your hair? There has been many articles on peoples hair falling out from using dry shampoo!
  7. Is there any way to promote faster growth of your hair? There are many products out of the market that claim faster growth, and many people say cutting your hair makes it grow faster.
  8. How often should we use Opalex at home? Can I use it every few days? Or will there be no added benefit using it more often?

Thank you again!! :blossom:


I asked for Olaplex to be used during my last service with a hairdresser & when I was leaving she said she recommended the at home Olaplex but she sold me a Redken product which I didn’t think was setting the world on fire in terms of results. What is it about Olaplex that’s different & seems to work so much better? I no longer see that hairdresser.


Hi Lauren,

I have dark brown hair, is Olaplex only for blondes? I never see it mentioned for someone with dark hair only blondes. Thanks so much


Hi Lauren,

I’d love to understand how olaplex repairs the protein/keratin in my hair so fast?

If I leave it on for an extended period of time (hours/overnight) will it fix more of my hair ?

I first discovered olaplex when I double bleached my black hair to switch it up to my mermaid/blue hair.

It’s done an amazing job!
Thank you for your time xo


Hi Lauren

How does Olaplex differ from other at home treatments? Do you think it is the best at home treatment available?

Thanks sharon


Hi Lauren,

Walking into a salon or a salon supplies place for your average Jane is so overwhelming. A lot of salon brands have leave in conditioners or in shower treatments similar to Olaplex. What makes it stand out from the rest? You hear about people having the treatments in salons, but how different is it from everything already available?

I’m currently using a NAK in shower treatment that i love, but when that runs out im tempted to try olaplex, but want to know if it’s going to be a dramatic change.



Hello Lauren

So my question is about ombre dyed hair (mine is bleached for the light and dyed light brown at the roots) and whether I would be able to use it on all of the hair or just on the blonde? Will it affect the brown colouring?

Thank you


Hi Lauren

I have heard so much about Olaplex and the take home treatment but shy away each time at the $50 price tag for a 100ml bottle. I know it’s been branded a miracle product but it’s not a conditioner, moisture treatment or a protein treatment - so what exactly is it? Should we leave it on overnight to maximise the benefit? Does it repair already damaged hair or only stop any further damage from the time you start to use it?
I have white platinum hair so it’s seen it’s fair case of damage month in month out and if olaplex isn’t going to fix much of the pre existing damage I don’t know if it is the wonder product for me. Also is there a shampoo/conditioner range in the works for olaplex? I normally like using a full range.

Thanks for your time



Hi Lauren
Does Olaplex No. 3 work better after a deep cleanse to remove silicone and product build up, or can it penetrate through everyday hair spray and leave in serums and still work as effectively?
Regards Sarah


Hi Lauren,
I LOVE Olaplex No. 3, it has honestly done WONDERS to my hair in just a few short weeks and now I am wishing I listened to my hairdresser a long time ago!
I would love to know:
-If using the at-home treatment, how often do I need an Olaplex salon treatment top up?
-Should the treatment be applied to mid-length and ends only or can it be taken up to the scalp without making roots appear oily / creating excess product build-up?
Thank you.


Hello Lauren! I have heard ‘Olaplex’ thrown around a lot lately. I am interested in how it can help me. I have box-dyed my light brown hair to a semi-perm black colour for 8 years. Recently I have been using clarifying shampoos and a series of Scott Cornwall colour removers in it, in a bid to bring it back to natural. After I started using the clarifying shampoo regularly my long hair has started to break off everywhere. What is the best way to utilise Olaplex in my case? How will it help repair my hair, and will it prevent me me from being able to fade out my black colour further, due to re-coating the hair shaft? Thanks so much for your help! :smiley:


Hi Lauren,

I have been using Olaplex for over a year now and absolutely love the results! How often should I be using it to get optimum results, and at which stage should it be slotted into my hair care routine?



Hi Lauren,

Is Olaplex designed purely for colour-treated hair, or can it be used to combat dryness/damage more generally?

Also, what is the best way to apply and incorporate Olaplex into your haircare routine for maximum results?




Hi Lauren,

Is it ok to use olaplex 3 in the same day I use the Kérastase therapist or any other treatment hair masks?

Thank you


Hey Lauren,

I use Olaplex myself and have heard different opinions on how long to leave it on for to get the results. Some people say that leaving it on overnight is the best while I have heard others say that it stops working after half an hour. How long should we be leaving it on for, for best results? Does leaving it on overnight actually have better benefits?




Hi Lauren,
I’ve started to use Olaplex as a suggestion from my hairdresser. She told me to leave it overnight and wash it off the next day.
The instructions say to use it on towel dried hair but I wonder if it can be used on dry hair?.. as now toners and even blue/purple shampoos are recommended to be used on dry hair.


Hello Lauren
Is there any ingredients in hair care products I have to avoid while using Olaplex? And also, what makes a good hair stylist?