Q&A With Miranda Kerr & Team for KORA Organics

Q&A With Miranda Kerr & Team for KORA Organics


We are so thrilled to announce that special guest, Miranda Kerr & her team will be joining us on Tuesday the 16th of January to answer your questions for a KORA Organics Q&A!!

Miranda Kerr is recognised as one of the most influential voices in the world of fashion and style and has an innate and genuine passion for health and wellbeing.

As an extension of her passion, Miranda launched her multi-award winning certified organic skincare range KORA Organics in 2009. In 2010 Miranda granduated from New York’s School of Integrative Nutrition and became a Certified Health Coach.

Miranda is a dedicated supporter of numerous causes relating to women, children, health and the environment and is an advocate of all things natural, healthy and organic.

Miranda believes every individual has a role to play in protecting the planet for future generations and adopts sustainability practices when possible.

KORA Organics was founded on the values of making a transformative difference to people’s skin, their confidence and offering them a healthier alternative to other brands on the market. Using certified organic and natural products for one simple reason - because what you put on your skin soaks in.

Along with a team of researchers and consultants in microbiology, aromatherapy and organic chemistry who specialise in organic and natural formulations, Miranda identified key ingredients based on their natural healing and protective powers, such as Noni Extract, Rosehip Oil, Sea Buckthorn Oil and Green Tea.

Miranda believes in a holistic 360 approach, to nourishing and nurturing your MIND, BODY, SKIN and this is the driving force behind KORA Organics.

You are all welcome to start leaving your questions for the KORA Organics Q&A from now until the 16th of January. Miranda will be personally answering as many of your questions as possible and will also have the help of her wonderful KORA Organics team.

The best 10 questions as chosen by Miranda, will be winning a bottle of the KORA Organics Noni Glow Face Oil!
*Please note prizes can only be sent out to addresses within Australia.


Hi Miranda,
congratulations on such a fantastic skincare range. I’m loving using your products. My favorite at the moment is the lavender mist. I spray it on my face and décolletage at night and it helps me relax. The smell is divine.
I’ve never used the Noni Glow face oil, would this be your favorite product to recommend from your whole range? I’ve read many reviews and it’s definitely on the top of my shopping list once I run out of the face oil I currently use.


Hi Miranda (and Kora Organics Team),

My question is about the Noni Glow Face Oil - what is the best way to apply it? Should it be first layered under (or over, as a final step) a moisturiser, or mixing a few drops in with the moisturiser before applying? Can it also be used as a standalone moisturiser on its own, in replacement of more emollient options?

Sorry about the twenty questions, I’ve been eyeing the Noni Glow Face Oil for a while but I’ve always had these questions in my mind. Now seems like the perfect time to ask!

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind regards,


Hi Miranda and team
I love the idea of switching to all natural products but I guess my reluctance is in my belief that sometimes the natural products just aren’t as effective as other products on the market.
When you made the switch to natural products when did you first see results? And what product really converted you?



Hi Miranda & Team :hibiscus:
Ive been suffering from hormonal acne for years and Im wondering what KORA product routine you would recommend? Ive got some scarring and have been trying to put sunscreen daily to prevent further damage, but nothing I use is repairing deep down.

Thanks for your help, and Merry Christmas! :yellow_heart::green_heart::blue_heart::orange_heart::purple_heart:

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Hi Miranda!
I was wondering about sunscreen. Ive read about some concerns with chemical sunscreen, and that physical or mineral sunscreens are safer. What do you recommend in this area? Im fastidious about wearing sunscreen every day, as well as covering up with clothes, hat and sunnies, as sadly melanoma runs in both sides of my family.
Thanks for sharing your time and knowledge with us :hugs:


Hi Miranda and Team,

First off congratulations on your skincare range I love the products I’ve tried so far! Also, another massive congratulations on the news of your new little bundle of joy!

Regarding the KORA range, I have two questions on products for my skin concerns. Firstly I have eczema on my legs and hands and have a hard time trying to find products that don’t irritate and flare my skin up. I know the KORA products are all organic but just wanted to know if you’ve had any feedback with other eczema suffers or results in the testing stages of how it reacted to this type of skin?

Secondly, I have dark circles under my eyes (not bags or puffy eyes just dark circles) and I’ve been to the doctors to have the appropriate tests and they’ve all come back positive and healthy. I know the KORA Recovery Eye Gel Cream states it cools and soothes tired puffy eyes, but does it reduce the appearance of dark circles as well?

Thank you in advance for your answers and recommendations!


Hi Miranda and team!

I have been eyeing off the Noni face oil for some time but I was wondering whether this would be suitable for me to use if I have really oily skin? Especially for use in the morning. Also, does it absorb in to the skin well?

I currently use face oils at night but the KORA Organics Noni face oil seems like it would be the perfect addition to my morning skin care routine as it gives such a gorgeous glow from what I can tell in your Instagram videos. I just want to make sure it won’t make my skin look even more oily throughout the day. If it doesn’t I would love to use it as I have a really uneven skin tone due to pigmentation and freckles so I love products that brighten/glow my complexion.

Thank you!


Hi Miranda

I have severely sensitive skin. Areas where my eczema is most severe are in my joints and near my glands (armpits, neck)…
Which products which you recommend for daily use?

Thank you



Hi Miranda and Kora Team,

I just started using Kora Aha defying scrub and lavender mist and loving them.

I noticed Kora categoried product range by skincare. I am 38 and would like to buy some antiaging products.

Is Kora plan to launch antiaging products range in near future? Or is the current products range will stay as is? If yes, what do you suggests to women that interested in antiaging while using Kora range?

Also, is facial oil like Noni glow face oil enough as moisturiser or should it always be pair with a moisturizer?

Thank you so much.



Hello Miranda and the Kora Organics Team,

Firstly, congratulations Miranda and your team on formulating such an amazing skincare range, I have been using all 3 skincare systems (alternating) and the Noni Glow Oil for almost 4 months now and my skin has never been better, so thank you for giving me great skin!

Secondly, Miranda, congratulations to you, Evan & Flynn on your impending arrival, very happy news.

My question is in regard to makeup, I have your Rose Quartz Luminiser and love it, are you planning on releasing anymore makeup products? If not, can you recommend some good natural/organic products as I’m in the process of switching to non-toxic ingredients.

Thank you in Advance for your time


Hi Miranda and team,
My skin forgot to glow during my pregnancy and it has decided not to glow post pregnancy either. Seems nothing I do will help! What do you recommend from your range to help me sort out my skin?
Thank you, Erin!


Hi Miranda

Love the Noni products

Are you going to extend to make up range soon?

Also what facials do you do apart from your kora range?



Hi Miranda,

I am in my early 30s and have been battling with sensitive and problematic skin for most of my life. I have gotten rid of my acne by changing my diet but I still struggle with redness and rosacea. I am currently changing my skincare products to more natural products and I thought you might have some insight on what may work for me, as I know you strongly believe in natural products. Thanks for your help.



Hi Miranda and Kora team,

My question for you is; Is the Kora skin care range a chirally correct formulation?

I would also like to say thank you for such an amazing and natural product. I always prefer to use organic and natural products, and I love that it’s cruelty free! I have super reactive skin, that is prone to breakout. I was hesitant about trying this range because I had unsuccessful results with other natural skin care brands in the past, but I am so glad that I did! I’ve been using your products for quite a few months now. Come to think of it, it’s probably almost a year since I purchased my first Kora product. I have be trialling many of your products and so far I have loved them all! (My favourite products would be the 3 in the ‘oily/combination 3 step system’ kit)

Many thanks



Hi Miranda
I recently viewed and interview about your Kora range and was inspired to explore this product further due to its ethically sourced ingredients and the benefits it can provide for your skin.

What products would you suggest for woman in their early 50s to maintain a healthy glowing appearance and support maturing skin so we can still look amazing at any age.
Thank you


Hi Miranda,
As someone with large pores I’m really self concious about I always feel like I can’t go without make up. Do you recommend a product that will reduce my pores and leave me with clear skin to be able to go make up free?



Hi Miranda
Just wondering when you have a day where you are wearing heavy makeup for work which products from your range do you apply when you get home to rejuvenate your skin?


Hi Miranda,
Thank you for this forum and for answering our questions.
I’m so proud that you have Kora Organic range in Australia.
I’d really love to try and to win Noni glow, the name itself is really beautiful.
My question is : what makes Noni Glow product different from other face/ neck oil in the market ? Where is the
Morinda Citrifolia (Noni) Fruit extract grow?
Will you manufacture this product in Australia in the future?

Best of luck for the baby news & I hope you’ll have a smooth delivery & healthy baby! :kissing_heart::pray:



Hi Miranda and team!
First of all I want to thank you for creating a range that is everything I ever wanted in skin care products but was never able to find until Kora was released.The products are so effective and an absolute joy to use daily.
My question is, what are the products you personally use in your morning and nightly routine?

Thank you x

:heart: Mandy