Q&A With Nicola Kilner From The Ordinary!

Q&A With Nicola Kilner From The Ordinary!


Hi Adorables,
We are so excited to announce that Nicola Kilner, CEO of DECIEM, the umbrella company for one of the hottest products on the Adore Beauty site right now, THE ORDINARY, will be live on the forum on August 8th to answer all your questions about all The Ordinary products that we know you’ve been dying to ask.

As Buying Manager for Innovation at Boots, Nicola Kilner’s previous role saw her travel the globe discovering the latest trends and technologies available in beauty. Now Co-CEO at DECIEM, the umbrella company for The Ordinary, Nicola’s talents for seeking out “what’s next” have found their way into a beauty umbrella that creates and manufactures its own products in house. Truly knowing the beauty industry inside out allows Nicola to put a unique stamp on DECIEM’s innovation. Most often found in the lab crafting alongside the team of biochemists or meeting with retailers around the world Nicola truly is immersed in every aspect of the DECIEM story.

You are all welcome to start leaving your questions for Nicola from now until the 8th of August and look forward to you joining us on the 8th as well! Nicola will do her best to answer as many of your questions as possible.

What's your favorite skin care brand?

Is the buffet safe for use in pregnancy


Hi Nicola,
I have long been on a search for the best multi-use moisturiser/hydration solution for my combination skin. Should I be using the same moisturiser day AND night? Or should I have a different one for each time of the day? What do you recommend?
Thank you! Lauren X


How does The Ordinary HA + B5 compare to Hylamide HA?


Hey im wondering if there is a product best to be used for dry cracking hands? Am currently trying the hyaluronic acid :slight_smile: Thanks


How many ordinary products should make up a routine? and which product types can/should be mixed together and which ones shouldn’t?


What do you recommend for very sensitive combination skin?


Hi! I now have about 8 different items now, love the range, but Im unsure on how to use the items, one at a time or layer up?


Also should add I have ageing, sun-damaged, wrinkled but oily skin, thats why I love the range, I can customise to suit my needs


Hi, I’d like to find out the different between The ordinary advanced retinoid 2% and the retinol 1%.


Hi Nicola
I’m getting married in a few weeks time and I wanted to see if there is anything else I could be doing re products to help my skin look its best. I have combination skin with a few hormonal spots around my chin. I currently use hylamide high efficiency face cleaner, NIOD Copper and then Hylamide hylaronic in the morning (sometimes adding The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%). In the evening I cleanse again, use The Ordinary Advanced retinol 2%, Hylamide C25 (sometimes as I think it makes me break out) then apply Hylamide hylaronic acid again.
Many thanks


Hi Nicola

I have only just started to hear about The Ordinary. It sounds amazing but also a bit confusing! What is the best way to find out what works for me, and learn the combination of different products?

Thanks, Lauren.


Hey @laurenharding, I am sure Nicola will have some great info for you also, but this will get you started in the meantime :slight_smile:


Q1. Can you suggest best products from The Ordinary range for Oily, problematic Acne prone skin and acne scarring. And the regime to correctly use them in.

Q2. Can explain how retinol and retnoid should be used correctly in a skin care regime

Q3. What is Nicola’s daily skin care regime

Q4. For first timers, what are some of the red flags we should be looking for when trying some of The ordinary more potent skin care products? Eg. Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution or The Ordinary Vitamin C Suspension 23% + HA Spheres 2%


Hey there I’m just wondering what products are safe to use during pregnancy? I fell in love with The Ordinary however had to stop using retinol due to being pregnant and just want to know what you would recommend?


Hi Nicola,

I’ve just been wondering, at what age would you reccomend staring to use anti-aging products like the 2% retnoid? I’m 18 and currently using it to assist with my pigmentation and sun damage


I was just wondering what the best the ordinary products would be to use for combination skin?


Hi there

What’s the best products that I can add to my skin care to help reduce large pores.

Thanks Liz


Is it possible to use a combination of NIOD without overloading the skin?



how does the ordinary pore remover work and od you recommend it for oily combination skin?