Q&A With Nikki Matthews From Intraceuticals

Q&A With Nikki Matthews From Intraceuticals


Guys, Please extend a warm welcome to Intraceuticals Educator, Nikki Matthews who will be joining us on Tuesday December 12th for our next Q&A!

Originally founded as a result of research into various applications of oxygen on the skin, Intraceuticals is a total skincare philosophy whose cutting edge use of Hyaluronics and peptides provides ongoing long term benefits. Intraceuticals Treatments and skincare products are designed to address the core of clients’ concerns providing immediate results and ongoing skincare solutions.

Nikki’s journey into the world of beauty and skin care began as a teenager. Suffering from severe acne left her scarred physically and emotionally making her very self-conscious of her skin. This led Nikki to pursue studying a course in makeup in order to learn how to cover her scarring and even out her complexion.
After completing her makeup qualification, Nikki loved the confidence she felt when she could cover up the flaws in her skin and feel beautiful. She became passionate about helping others feel the confidence she was able to achieve and began working as a makeup artist. It wasn’t long before Nikki began to wonder how she could take her career in beauty a step further as she wondered “why help people cover their perceived flaws when she could be helping correct them?”.

After studying at Elly Lukas Beauty Therapy College and receiving Dux of Science, Nikki went on to work at and manage several laser and skin dermal clinics. As an educator for Intraceuticals Nikki continues to follow her passion for results driven treatments and skincare.

You are welcome to begin leaving your questions for Nikki now up until Tuesday December 12th. The top 10 questions as chosen by Nikki will be winning an amazing Intraceuticals Rejuvenate 3 Step Layering Set!!
(Please note that the competition is only available to residents with a postal address within Australia)


Lately any bad acne I’ve gotten has been on my cheeks and even if I leave them alone they scar! I’ve been using a combination of products and ingredients to try to combat the scarring including the ordinary’s niacinamide and also vitamin c (drunk elephant). What cocktail of ingredients would you say are most effective in fighting existing scarring?


Hi Nikki,
I have late 20s olive skin and have started to notice some light pigmentation spots on my cheeks and nose, most likely from sun exposure. I also tend to get pigmentation that hangs around for quite a while after a blemish on my skin. I know sunscreen is key to prevent more of this from happening but was wondering if you can recommend any Intraceuticals products for fading away the pigmentation? :slight_smile:


Can you please tell me what you reccomend for oily skin with large pores on the T zone?


Hi nikki - thank you for sharing your time and expertise!
I too have some wicked acne scars on my cheeks - weirdly they were barely visible for 10 years but have become really red and deep and fresh looking in the last year. Maybe age? Im 36.
Is there one powerhouse intraceutical product you would suggest for acne scars?

If you have time id also love to know about your skincare routine and if you employ diet, anti stress etc to contribute to your skin health.


Hi Nikki, My two biggest concerns are my blocked pores around my nose and chin. As well as under my eyes are very dehydrated I’m using an ASAP cream but it doesn’t seem to help. I was wondering if you could recommend a good eye cream and something to help get rid of my congestion on my skin.
Thank you :slight_smile:


Hi Nikki,
Firstly I just wanted to say I can definitely relate to the confidence you feel with clear skin. As well as how difficult it can be emotionally trying to overcome the negative feelings I think we all can feel when we have bad acne. I’ve had very acne prone skin since I was in high school (and continued on into adulthood) and have developed fairly bad acne scars as well as enlarged and clogged pores. My skin is definitely dehydrated and I often am left with patchy/flaky areas on my face whenever I apply foundation. My skin is fairly sensitive and I would love any recommendations on how to combat dehydrated skin which also has a lot of acne scaring and enlarged clogged pores.

I hope you’re all having a lovely day :slight_smile:


Hi Nikki, I read some fabulous reviews about Intraceuticals and I would just like to know how effect it would be for someone with a connective tissue disorder (CTD)?

My skin is rapidly starting to loose it elasticity, hydration and fine lines are appearing etc, as a result of the fault collagen from the CTD. Would these products have benefit against such genetic anomalies?

It’s difficult enough having my joints continually fall out of place without my face and skin now suffering also!


Hi Nikki, what products would you recommend for someone who has celebrated their 21st birthday more than twice? Would intraceuticals suite mature aged skin?


Hi Nikki, thank you so much for doing this Q & A.
I have rosacea and I’ve been doing treatment for it this year. sometimes I have those little red bumps that are itchy and sore at the same time. in many ways is similar to acne. so my skin is quite sensitive for it.I was wondering if the intraceuticals line can be used for rosacea and if so what would you recommend to be used as anti-ageing treatment . I’m 45 yo .
Thanks again


Hi Nikki,
I’m looking to overhaul my whole skincare routine. I have dehydrated combination skin where my T-zone is oily and everywhere else is dry. I have somewhat sensitive skin. Also, I currently have some acne on my forehead and a couple are appearing on my right cheek. I also had a pimple on my chin which has now scarred. I feel quite insecure about the scarring actually and would really like a recommendation to help that as well.

Also, I can’t use any toners because my skin tends to breakout with those.

I am in my early 20s btw and would really look forward to hearing your thoughts about a skincare routine for me.


Hi Nikki I’ve developed a problem with my usually 1normal perfect skin and I’ve become self conscious, I’ve tried lots of different products as the doctor said it was just dry skin and to apply moisturiser at least 4 times a day, nothing helped…then he decided it was rosacea although I’m not displaying signs of that. What’s happening is mainly around the edge of my face where it can get very dry and if you rub your fingers up my face it’s like fine sand paper. On bad days when it is extremely hot and windy this can spread to my cheeks and the starting of my neck but not my chin, nose or forehead. I have found that moisturising products do help but depending on what brands I use I can wake up and have dry skin again nothing has significantly helped me and I need to crack the jackpot so I can start feeling confident again and wearing some makeup. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Kindest regards Meagan


Hey Nikki! I’d love some advice from you on the perfect products that will help me achieve balanced skin. My face is super dry to the point where the skin around my eyes can become a little flakey so I always feel like I have to use heavy moisturizers to keep my skin hydrated, but I also get occasional breakouts particularly on my cheeks and I feel like the heavy products I’m using to stay hydrated really don’t help the pimple situation! I then use a topica cream on my pimples which dries out my skin even more and so the cycle begins yoyoing between dry/hydrated/bad skin. Any help to achieve consistently good skin would be much appreciated!


Hi Nikki! I’m in my early 20s and normally have very clear skin. However, if I do get an occasional breakout it would be a big, red angry one under the skin usually around my nose or chin. They are super painful and I find them impossible to prevent! They also linger for quite a while and often leave some pigmentation even if I leave them alone. What would you recommend to prevent them and calm them down?


Hi Nikki!

I’m currently 22, but my skin has aged about 10 years ahead of me (teen smoker, the regret has begun), what would be best to try and repair my skin and bring some life back? Its quite dry, and dull, with congestion bumps and some fine lines.


Hi Nikki :hibiscus:
I’ve struggle with severe acne & sensitive skin, and following years of products my now 21 year old skin is dull, saggy and scarred :pensive:. Ive looked at getting a facial at Azula Beauty in Byron Bay but not sure which one would benefit me the most. What treatment would you recommend?

Thank you, and your journey inspires me that I wont always feel this way :blush:


Hi Nikki… i have worked hard to correct the ‘mask’ on my face from too much sun damage when I was younger and finally have an even complexion BUT my skin appears dull with visible pores on my chin… for mature skin (45+) what would you recommend to increase skin hydration and fine appearance?



Hi Nikki,

I have relatively good skin, but my biggest concern is an oily nose with bad blackheads. The rest of my t-zone is not overly affected by oil. Is a black head extraction my best choice to help with this?


Hi Nikki! :blush:
Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions. I have a question regarding my own skin - I am 25 (on Tuesday actually! :tada:) and have seemingly nice skin which I am always complimented on when I wear makeup however without it, like you, it interferes with my confidence. I am very pale, burn easily in the sun and when I was younger I didn’t use much sunscreen in hopes I would magically tan. Fast forward 10-15 years and I have noticed that my skin is so pigmented and my skin is quite red especially on my cheeks plus having combination skin with large pores on my cheeks also. Without makeup I feel like skin lacks glow and I feel it makes me look more tired and dragged down. Are there any products you would recommend to bring life back to my skin which may also reduce the redness and hopefully long term I can apply less makeup and allow my skin to breathe without being smothered by heavy makeup on the daily!
Thank you! :two_hearts:


Hi Nikki.
I’m currently struggling to find a decent skincare routine that works for me. I have acne scarring from when I hit puberty very early at 10 and it leaves me incredibly self conscious. I also have quite large pores around my nose and chin and get dry around those areas. Is there anything that I can do to reduce the appearance? Also, what kind of routine should I be using? Are toners and serums really all that important? And is a morning and night routine beneficial, not only for normal skin, but also for scarred skin? I would really appreciate some feedback. Thank you!