Quick spot/pimple treatments?

Quick spot/pimple treatments?


What are your favourite serums/creams for spot treating pimples when they pop up? I’m keen for a serum or spot treatment I can apply on pimples when they come up to try and quickly get them down again or to bring them to the surface at least. I often get random cystic pimples that seem to just sit there for a couple of weeks and would love something to get rid of them as quickly as possible when they do come up.


The mario badescu one - its only about $20
And you apply with a cotton bud overnight. Its pretty awesome and very quick.


Sounds awesome @lisatarasenko! Have to try. Does it bring the pimple to the surface or does it just sort of dry up and melt away?


It kind of dries up and melts away - its an overnight thing because its pink coloured ans the pimple/s is 50-75% disappeared by morning.


Hello @christined, unfortunately I seem to still get mini breakouts, I think it’s due my daily make up wear. ( I am def checking out the skindinvia face spray). To make things worse, I am a picker, cannot help it.
I use the Elle bache detox aromatique concealer and drying corrector. I have found this most effective, I notice a difference within hours of applying. As it’s also a concealer I carry this in my handbag ready to go for those breakout moments.


This sounds amazing @lynnemcallister! Does it get rid of the pimple completely after a couple of days? I feel like I have these pimples sitting under the skin which just sit there for weeks at a time and won’t come to the surface or shrink away. Would love them to just shrink away with this. I’ll give it a try!


@christined it’s hard to say as I do tend to pick. For me it’s around 5-7 days. The bump from the pimple goes does virtually overnight. I had one pop up last night so I applied some corrector and I have only the slightest bump now.


Hi @christined
Here i suggest you to use a cream, 'Avène Triacnéal Cream ’ . It heals your pimples and reduces acne and scar marks quickly.


Hi @christined I have been using Malin+Goetz acne treatment for years. You apply with a cotton tip directly on to blemish at night only as it is white. As soon as a spot appears (or after picking it!) I use it and my spots are greatly reduced by morning.


Weirdly, I use eye drops to take the redness out. It seems to work. I will try other options as mentioned in previous replies. Thanks.


oh how interesting @Bels! I guess if they take redness out of your eyes they must do the same for skin. For me, the biggest issue is deflating the bump.