Recommendations for good orange/coral lipsticks?

Recommendations for good orange/coral lipsticks?


Guys, I’m on the hunt for a good orange lipstick… something that leans more towards a coral shade. I’m also more partial to matte lipsticks and would love one that has good staying power…
Any recommendations?

I’m loving the look below that Rocky Barnes has on. I think this one is a NARS shade but I’m a bit dubious about NARS now that they’re testing on animals again.

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I bought a matte lipstick very similar to the colour in this photo. It is definitely on the orange side, not coral. It’s made by Shanghai Suzy and the colour is ‘Miss Audrey TANGERINE’. It’s a whipped matte lipstick in a black lippie standard twist up tube. Revlon have some beautiful lipsticks in the Envy range but I can’t recall if they have an orange shade… Kat Von D has beautiful matte lipsticks in gorgeous orange shades. Better staying power than the Shanghai I mentioned. Have a look on the Sephora site… There’s so many brands that carry a gorgeous orange or coral. Hope this helps a little… :blush:


Thank you @tezzabradshaw will definitely look those up. Hear about Kat Von D’s makeup all the time but have never tried any of them. Might have to give this a crack. I’ve tried Shanghai Suzy before and don’t mind it but they seem to have a strong candy scent going on which is a bit much for me.


I love Estee Lauder’s Sheer Sin, a gorgeously creamy coral. It’s not as strong as the look in your pic and I am quite a bit fairer so it still packs a bit of punch on my ‘melanin lite’ skin. Maybelline’s Stay with Me coral is a matt coral that pops as well.


Thanks @tinamiller. I do love a bit of Estee Lauder. Might have to check out Sheer Sin. Does it have good staying power?


It’s a cream lippy so won’t be as hard core as the current crop of liquid lippies (those things stick like tar on feathers…). I find if I do the lipliner, lippie, blot lippie, light blot thing it gives me reasonable staying power. I’m a bit of a sook as I can’t stand the feel of the liquid matt lipsticks so am happy to go through that rigmarole…


Usually i don’t prefer for orange or coral lipsticks,because i am obsessed with red, lol. Other than red i used Mac Vegas Lipstick which is the mixed shade of both orange and coral.


Thanks @vaishaliyadav I usually use red as well but wanted to try something different! Is Mac Vegas a matte lipstick? I love matte lipsticks.


Yes @christined , its an Matte lipstick.