Recommendations for night time anti-ageing face cream?

Recommendations for night time anti-ageing face cream?


Would love to hear what you guys all use for night time face cream? Something that’s super hydrating but also anti-ageing?


I wear neutrogena hydro boost night cream which I great


Presently I am using Elucent anti ageing night moisturizer. The result is pretty good for people with dry-skin:wink:.


I Love DNA by ASAP…Fabulous for Night Treatment & during the day i use it under/around my eyes as a spot treatment.


Oh I like the sound of this @ashleighxo . How has it been for under your eyes? I’m desperate to find something good for under eye creases


Aspect SMC is my current fave! It’s super hydrating but not greasy. Personally I like to use serums under it so I prefer night creams that don’t have too many active ingredients that might clash.


@ashleighxo from how long you are using that?? will it give good result for people with dry skin.???


İts been fab for my under eye area…i have seen a difference! :slight_smile:


I have been using it for about 3 months now. Yes its fabulous for dry skin as it is very hydrating.


Three months of experience!:smiley: Then I must give a try. Thank you @ashleighxo


Yes to asap DNA Reneweal Treatment! I’ve been using it since it was released and I have seen great results as well - my skin looks so much healthier the day after using this. I’ve also got my mum using it (early 60s), and she’s liking it as well. I’ll definitely repurchase this one.


Yes! This is the question I came here to ask so THANK YOU for asking it :slight_smile:
For the past month I’ve switched to some natural skin care products, but I’ve been alternating between Liquid Gold 24 hour Moisture Repair cream and Essential Hydration Cream (both Alpha-H). They’re definitely beautiful and my skin always feels amazing the following morning but I came to check if there’s anything in particular others were raving about and in love with.


@christined You unfortunately can’t get it from Adore, but the brand Balense is amazing for hydrating and anti-ageing! Especially their anti-ageing serum. The new technology and hydration delivery system incorporated into every product means your skin is hydrated throughout the day and the active ingredients are locked in and released slowly for best results. Can not recommend enough!