Redness for weeks after blemishes and pimples clear

Redness for weeks after blemishes and pimples clear


Does anyone stay red, or have red spots linger for weeks, sometimes months after a blemish or pimple has gone? It’s agonising! Laser treatment has helped reduce this, but it is crazy expensive… is there a product out there that anyone has had success with?


@KMCM I have tanned skin and for me it’s more of a brown pigmentation that lingers around after a blemish or pimple which is super annoying! I’ve find that using an AHA based cream like Alpha-H liquid gold helps a lot. Otherwise I’ve also been trialling The Ordinary Vit C to help with pigmentation which is good but perhaps a bit slower. The Ordinary Niacinamide and Zinc is meant to be good for redness too.


Everything that @christined said and also ensure you are wearing blockout as well as UV rays can help the hyper pigmentation (which is what the marks are) linger. Also there is a YT’er called Gothamista who has a couple of good videos om managing PIH that might be worth checking out. I have very fair skin and these marks show up red on me too…bloody rude i say…:wink: