Regimen guide for The Ordinary (yes more Ordinary!)

Regimen guide for The Ordinary (yes more Ordinary!)


After advice from this forum (thanks especially to @Shannon_Staff) (and reviews everywhere!), I’ve purchased a few products that fall under the Deciem umbrella but mostly The Ordinary. I’ve read through the regimen guide on when to use the products based on whether they’re oils, water based or emulsion - but I’m still confused and would love some advice on where/when in my routine I should use my products - and when not to! I have a few products arriving this week so I want to be prepared. :slight_smile:

Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%
Vitamin C 23% + HA (I know not to use with the Niacinamide)
Retinol (from Skinstitut)
Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5 (I’ve been mixing a little with the moisturizer as it helps the moisturizer go further and I need less)
Natural moisturizing factor + HA (last step)

I have the The Ordinary High-Adherence Silicone Primer and Hylamide Finisher HA Blur and LOVE both, and know where they fall in the regime :wink:

I’m going to try these for a while, and then perhaps try Rosehip oil if I feel my skin still needs something extra. Feel free to suggest any other products that you think I’m missing though for my 45 year old dull combo skin, large pores and slight redness with occasional breakouts.

Thank you!


Nice haul and regimen @kyliecavanough ! Be curious to hear how you go with the Vitamin C and if it brightens up your skin. I keep thinking to buy it but I’m trying to decide between that and the Ascorbyl Glucoside solution which is meant to be a less potent Vitamin C.

The other product that had me intrigued after Nicola’s Q&A was the Squalane from The Ordinary which I’m keen to try!


Thanks! I’m already noticing a difference with the introduction of the Hyaluronic Acid for about 3 weeks, so really excited to see what the other products do. I wasn’t sure about the Vitamin C, but figured for that price - why not! Definitely introduce it gradually though.
I’ve also been intrigued by the Squalane - been reading great reviews about it also. So many amazing products to try!


I too am going to order the ordinary range after advice on here. But I am unsure if I am going to use it the right way?
Does the below sound like the correct order to you guys??

Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%
Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5
Vitamin C Suspension 23% + HA Spheres 2%
SPF Moisturise
High-Adherence Silicone Primer

Advanced Retinoid 2%
Hyaluronic Acid 2% + B5
Salicylic Acid 2% Solution


@annettebisinella all I know is that you’re meant to go most watery to thickest when applying. I’m not a primer user but I would have thought that would have gone on somewhere before the SPF?


Okay! Thats great to know! I will need to see what thicknesses are like once they arrive!

Thank you @christined


This is a really helpful guide as to what should go first and might help you out. I’m just confused when there’s a few of the same format which should go first.

Skin care routine using The Ordinary products

Than you Kylie! I have printed this out ready for when my order arrives!


I found a couple more links for you that you might find helpful. The first link I found through ‘the ordinary chat room’ on facebook and thought you might also find it helpful. The second is here on the always wonderful Adore!
I’m printing it out right now to keep with all of my products. Mind you I’m still confused as to whether it matters which order you apply products if the regimen just says AM/PM - before oils or moisturisers. Does that mean any old order or is there a preferable order to apply!
I’ve just received my Vitamin C 23% + HA 2%, and my Niacinamide - which I know conflict and can’t be used together and to start slowly with the Vit C, just need to decipher everything else :slight_smile:


Yes I understand what you mean @kyliecavanough
I feel as though, any exfoliation products like Retinols or AHAs need to go on after Cleansers.
But from there, can any serum go on and then moisturizer?
I know the think to thick rule, but they all seem to be the same texture. So maybe a mix in your hand with moisturizer, and on they go? :thinking:
Should you avoid serums around eyes that arnt anti ageing, so products like The Buffet can work better around wrinkle zones?? :thinking:
Are we trying to be too technical?? :thinking: :laughing:


haha I know what you mean about being too technical, maybe we’re just making it harder for ourselves. Most of mine are AM/PM, before oils, moisturisers but does it make one work less if it goes on after another! And imagine when we have even MORE products!!
I’m thinking I’ll do Niacinamide in the morning, possibly follow with Buffet and in the evening do Buffet, then retinol, then Hyaluronic, then moisturise. And every third night in the evening do Vitamin C and skip the others for that night.


Cant wait for my haul to arrive, hopefully this week!

I think I will do Niacinamide morning then Vitamin C at night.

Fingers crossed I dont get too many break outs from the Retnoid. Hopefully using Liquid gold has drawn that out of my system :persevere:


I’m prone to breakouts but find using retinoids (I’m using skinstitut) my skin looks amazing the following morning


@kyliecavanough I don’t know for sure but I’ve even had other users tell me that when serums are similar they sometimes pop a few drops of each into their hand and mix them up and apply together!


I add a few drops of my hyaluronic acid to my natural moisturizing factors as my last step. I’m not sure if that’s decreasing the effect of the hyaluronic as the regimen says to apply before creams, but it just makes the cream go so much further so I need to use less.

I tried the Vitamin C last night and my skin looked so fresh this morning! I was a little worried about the graininess as I keep seeing people say they don’t like it because of this, and while it is definitely grainy it’s not as bad as I thought it was going to be. Slight tingling when applied (I get way worse using the Cinch spray), and my skin looked slightly red but this morning my skin had less redness then it usually does and just looked nice and fresh. Love it!


@kyliecavanough I sometimes add a few drops of my Hyaluronic Acid to liquid foundation which works great for me!

I’ve just ordered the Vitamin C so curious to try this too. I can’t wait to use it. Mostly want to try it for small pigmentation spots on my nose from the sun.