Renee fragrances

Renee fragrances


If you are looking for Christmas gifts for Mum or a sister Have a look at the Renee’ range. Last Christmas I bought the Tubrose fragrance for my sister and she said people have stopped her to ask what she’s wearing.

I am currently using the Tubrose fragranced soap and it’s divine!

You can get matching body lotion, soap and the fragrance as well as the option to have the fragrance in a mini size for travel or the hand bag. (the mini will be my sister’s present this year as she will be travelling over Christmas).

The fragrances are in Eau de Parfum strength so they really last and considering the price- a bargain!



I agree

I agree. Huge fan of the Tuberose! Can’t go past it.


I love the snowpeach one!


Sorry to bring up such an old thread here, but I just received my Adore package containing the Renee Jasmine Oil and Tuberose parfum, and I’m in heaven!! I just love them. I keep bringing up my wrists to smell them & I’ve already had 2 compliments! I’ll definately be buying more from this range. Well done Renee on getting the Jasmine just perfect. It’s taken me ages to find one that actually smells like real Jasmine. :worship:


Aren’t they beautiful?? So glad you like them!

I am burning the Snowpeach candle in the office today and it is gorgeous :hearts:


I ordered the Jasmine oil last night. I want it now!!


Good shopping girls. I am a huge Renee fan. I probably wouldn’t have been had she not have been a guest on the forum. I have to say I am favouring the oils at the moment. Any more special guests on the agenda Kate?


[QUOTE=pinkcupcake;6328]Any more special guests on the agenda Kate?[/QUOTE]
I’m working on it!
Anyone in particular you guys would like to “meet”?


How about Leonardo DiCaprio! LOL! Have had a crush on hime since seeing The Departed!


[QUOTE=beautyproductjunkie;6372]How about Leonardo DiCaprio! LOL! Have had a crush on hime since seeing The Departed![/QUOTE]

LOL! I wish! But at this stage I’m looking more at beauty-oriented forum guests :slight_smile:


Oh, alright then; I’m not sure who is responsible for Aesop, but I would love to hear from someone there, here! I love their products and their philosophy (and their packaging! Lol!).


Kate what about Napeoleon Perdis?? Probably wishful thinking, I know he’s in demand all over the world…

Or Natalie Bloom?


It might be an impossiblity but Napolean Perdis would be fabulous!


I’m not picky, anyone would be fab. Just having all you gorgeous gals to point me in the right direction is a joy in itself. :hearts:


[QUOTE=Medusa;6421]I’m not picky, anyone would be fab. Just having all you gorgeous gals to point me in the right direction is a joy in itself. :hearts:[/QUOTE]

I agree Medusa! I have built up such knowledge (and a massive wish-list!) from all of you on the forum!:worship:


Gosh Luisa, I think my product knowledge has increased ten fold because of you sharing your experience and wonderful insights, I guess it’s nice to know that you too, as someone whose advice I hold in such high regard, has learnt a lot from this forum too :worship: .


Thanks BPJ! You never stop learning and the sharing of all your experiences (good and not so good) of products and treatments has been of such interest and benefit. Keep 'em coming girls!:worship:


Back on Renee I received the Jasmine oil today…it’s such a beautiful scent, pure Jasmine fragrance but not at all cloying. Has a lovely warmth to it too. I’m going to order some of the others tonight!

Can anyone review Snowpeach? And/or Mediterranean Lily? Maybe I should just get the mini fragrance pack and be done with it!


To get my car smelling fab again I sprayed some of my Tuberose onto some tissues and put them under my carseat! Now everytime I hop in I’m greeted with a lovely smell!


What’s Renee’s background in perfumery? I don’t find her fragrances all that well blended. It’s okay for something produced in somebody’s backyard but definitely nowhere close to the perfection of Serge Lutens, Guerlain, Creed, L’artisan, FM.