Rhinoplasty Surgery Advise

Rhinoplasty Surgery Advise


I am currently searching for a good cosmetic surgeon as i am planning to get a nose job done. I am engaged to be married in 2020 (yep long engagement) and i want to get some improvements before then. I think a good full year is enough for me to heal, right? So, as early as now, I want to go through the options that I have. I hope you could help a sister out. :slight_smile:


I used to work for the medical compaints commission. Some general advice (based on the complaints that i saw):

  • pay extra for a plastic surgeon instead of a cosmetic surgeon. A GP can do a weekend course and call themselves a cosmetic surgeon whereas a plastic surgeon does eight extra years of training. Theres a big difference in outcomes as a result.
  • bring photos. Agree on photos.
  • ask what they will do if youโ€™re unhappy with the result. A cosmetic surgeon will usually do nothing but a plastic surgeon will waive their fee to do more surgery. However you will still have anaesthetist costs and hospital costs.
  • ask how many rhinoplastys have they done personally, how many complications personally, and what type of complications.

Lastly a general anesthetic always brings risk including of serious event. I bet you look beautiful already. But good luck if you go ahead!


Oh another great tip I read about surgery in general is that finding a Dr who is willing to administer a Vit C IV drip before and after surgery can be great because it really helps with the healing process. I have an awesome Integrative GP who is very open minded about that stuff and when I went for surgery last year he got me to come in a couple of times before my surgery to have Vit C IV drips. It helped me bounce back from the General Anaesthetic a lot better than other friends have told me they did and seemed to help with my incisions healing well.


Thanks @christined for your suggestions. I will truly keep this in mind :slight_smile: I am currently browsing through different clinics, and I will ask about the IV infusion. Looked it up and I think it may help with my skin as well! I love it when I hit two birds with one stone :slight_smile: Thank you for your suggestion. :slight_smile:


Thanks @lisatarasenko! This is actually valuable knowledge for me. I am looking at several surgeons already and my first stop is Dr. Andrew Kim of Advance Beauty Cosmetic Surgery. Ill take these pointers into account and will take them up during my visit. I hope to look into my options and see how their approach fit well into my goals.
Thank you so much for your insider information!