Roaccutane - dark spots left behind!

Roaccutane - dark spots left behind!


I’ve been on roaccutane for about 2 months on a very low dosage (10mg a day), and most of my active acne has cleared up. However, I’m left with little red, pink and brown spots from old acne. I’ve been using Kiehls dark spot corrector serum which has helped me heaps! I add a little vitamin c powder into the serum and put it on at night. I’d like to use something stronger now though because i’m so sick of looking at my face and only seeing spots :frowning: Please help…any recommendations?


@sabeenaadmani I’ve been using The Ordinary Vitamin C for my little pigmented spots which get left behind from pimples and blemishes. I’ve had to use it religiously once a day for a few weeks but it’s definitely helping!

The other one that’s meant to be really good is Aspect Pigment Punch.


I also have old acne pigmentation scars and am using the Ordinary brand vit c, alternating w the Ordinary 2% retinol.