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Room Scents/Perfumes
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I’ve just moved into a new place and am really keen for a new room scent. Something that gives off a light perfume all the time. Whether that be a candle that smells strong enough that even when not burning you can still smell a light waft of it or perhaps diffuser sticks etc. I prefer more natural/botanical scents as opposed too anything too sweet and sickly and not really into incense either. Wondering what your suggestions and favourites are?


Definitely Glasshouse candles. LOVE love love them. I’ve never had a candle that matches their scent when burning, and even when it’s just sitting in the room before ever using it gives off a gorgeous scent. Tahaa (vanilla caramel) is my fave. I recently bought several candles from ‘Only Summer’ who I followed on facebook and was so excited when they arrived and the smell was so delicious. However although they smelt great just sitting in each room, when I burned them I couldn’t smell them at all! They weren’t cheap so I was really disappointed, I got in touch and they said they’d send a replacement to see if it was just bad luck. That was before xmas, I’ve had to get in touch several times to see what’s happening with the replacement and apparently there was a death in the family before xmas… been in touch again and they say it’s coming but it’s now been months since first contact and nothing so they’re a company I’d avoid.

I also bought an electric diffuser from Woolworths when it was on special. Bought the wax melts at the same time (from same company) but the smell wasn’t appealing. I’ve since bought wax melts from a seller I found on ebay and love the diffuser! I’ve bought from several stores but Sassy Soy are my face, and they’ve apparently just created stronger scents. They have vanilla caramel (obvious it’s one of my faves), there’s a choc brownie that I can’t get enough… they have so so many yummy scents.

I’m pretty picky with scents as I’m super sensitive to smells but these always make me happy when burning/melting in the home. I made sure I had some as soon as we moved into our new home.


Oh I do love a good soy/wax melt @kyliecavanough! They can just get a bit messy to clean up but I used to work at a pilates studio which used one of those electric burners with the melts on it and it was gorgeous!

I love Glasshouse but sometimes find the smell can be a bit strong for me. Like if Aesop did a candle (do they do candles?!) that kind of botanical/essential oils smell would be my cup of tea.


Oh - Moogoo now do a candle too! Haven’t tried it yet but definitely need to.


Hmmm, since you prefer more natural/botanical scents, have you considered making your own diffuser sticks using essential oils? It’s pretty easy! I only use essential oils for everything (fragrance aversion). Eucalyptus and Spearmint give off a heavenly aroma (I use them at home); however, the scent doesn’t last as long as the fragrance oil (which you can also use if you prefer). You could also use an “Essential Oil Diffuser” for this.



Oh that’s actually a great idea @stephaniewillis. Do you just use straight essential oils or do you have to diffuse them a little with a neutral oil or some water?


I am very VERY late to this conversation, but you have to try the Aesop oil blends for an oil diffuser! This one is absolutely divine:

It’s spearmint, sage and rosemary and I am 100% obsessed with it. It is so clean and calming. I got this from Kmart:

And it actually works really well.


Oh this is so my cup of tea @alexandra!! Good idea. I was thinking just the other day I would love some sort of Aesop candle but the oil with a diffuser is a winner.


Just stumbled across this post I agree with @kyliecavanough glasshouse are nice candles I wish they made melts though but Sassy Soy do make the best melts they’re so strong my favourite is the musk one I’m starting to prefer melts more than candles now.


How good are the Sassy Soy melts!! They have new melts tamest are even stronger but I haven’t tried those yet.


I got a email the other day they said they’re launching the sassy soy oils so when there is wax left you can add some more fragrance to make them strong again. I spoke to them the other day about my order because they sent me a sample they said they’re launching another 50 smells this year. Their passion fruit and lime smells like the rio one so it fits in with my budget at the moment I can’t afford glasshouse right now because I’m not working full time.


I got that email too. Aren’t the oils a great idea!! I’ve just bought my daughter an oil burner and given her some of my Sassy Soy. No doubt she’ll be addicted soon enough :grin: