Sally Hansen Salon Effects

Sally Hansen Salon Effects


Has anyone used this product? Was it hard to use? Did it stay on for long enough?

I’ve been tempted to buy it everytime I see it at Kmart but I’m worried it will peel quickly. The butterfly one looks super pretty though!


Yes, I’ve used them. Here’s a pic of me wearing Laced Up.

My tips:

  1. Be patient when applying. Make sure your nails are clean and cuticles are neat.
  2. It’s best to have a slight length on your nails because you have to wrap the ends of the stickers at the tip of your nail. So if you have short short nails, it won’t trim properly.

Lasted about 3 days. Some did peel especially when I was running my fingers through my hair.

I think they’re great for something different or going to an event. Hope this helps.


Re: Sally Hansen Salon Effects

Thanks for the info, that definitely helps. Your nails look great!! I will definitely give them a try!


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