Semi-permanent black hair dye

Semi-permanent black hair dye


Hi everyone!

So I have a looong history of colouring my hair - bleaching and dyeing for many years, and now my hair is quite damaged. I prefer to have dark hair, but my natural colour is a light brown. I was wondering if anyone knew some high quality, long lasting semi-permanent black hair dye? Especially good if it’s blue based rather than red/purple based. I’m using Manic Panic raven right now but it fades very quickly and the fade colour is a coppery brown which I don’t like at all. I am done using permanent and don’t want to use strong developers on my hair anymore.



@sophiejames I’m curious to know of any good brands too actually! My hair is naturally black but there have been a couple of times that I’ve gone lighter and wanted to go black again and as you mentioned, it fades away into a reddish black and blue based is much nicer.
Also - my recommendation, go for darkest brown rather than black. I’ve found that black hair dye often looks obviously dyed because it’s SOOO black - even on someone like me who is usually natural.


You’re absolutely right about black vs deepest brown - that’s the best thing about semi-permanent colours, on my lighter brown hair, they never come out quite raven-black which is perfect for a more natural look. Also - I’ve just bought the Aveda Black Malva conditioner, can’t wait to see how well it tackles my red and brassy tones! Hopefully I won’t have to dye so regularly. I’ll post an update on this later.


Oh please do @sophiejames! I’d love to find something good to sort brassiness when I colour my hair. I often use those foam toners which are ok but they’re annoying to leave in and I don’t feel like they distribute well through my hair.


I was a semi-permanent girl for years and my favourite was always L’Oreal Castings.
Like someone else said, the “Darkest Brown” option might be nicer than straight black. Or you could buy a black and a Darkest Brown, and mix half of each tube of colour together into the developer (so you still get two boxes of application). I find it leaves the hair super dooper shiny, and most Castings colours have a “no orange fade” promise!

For regrowth I will normally throw a Schwarzkopf Live onto my roots (again, I mix Black and Dark Brown). I also rely heavily on those little blue cans of L’Oreal root touchup stuff! It’s magic!


I used to use that in ebony black a few years back and it was great but it has hydrogen peroxide in it which I’m trying to avoid :cry: eventually I did have to strip the colour with a colour stripper and my hair hasn’t been the same since.