Setting Powders

Setting Powders


Does anyone use setting powders? More than anything I’m keen on one that I can lightly pat over my eyeliner to stop it from smudging/running. Doesn’t matter what eyeliner I use, it always seems to end up smudging off. I’ve previously used the Inika setting powder which is pretty good but also on the pricier side for me so just wondering what else might be out there that you love?


Laura mercier


I stopped using face powders in my late twenties (I’m now in my fifties) when I lived in a super hot climate. All my makeup melted off quickly, and the powder made the melting mess worse. I didn’t miss powder much because I have dry skin, and in those days powders made my makeup look more cakey - but sometimes I’ve needed a face powder to set a foundation that doesn’t stay put. Recently, I saw some mature women on YouTube using powder, so I bought RCMA No Colour Powder from Adore Beauty, and it’s been great. It doesn’t make my face look as cakey as I had expected. In one instance, it improved the appearance of a foundation that I was struggling with.

The other powders that I love are Jane Iredale PurePressed Pressed Mineral Base and Mirenesse Skin Clone Mineral Face Powder - but these are more of a hybrid foundation and powder, and not a setting powder. These are too expensive to buy just for the purpose of setting your eyeliners.


Thanks @natalie. So would you say RCMA would be worth giving a shot?


Have you considered not using eyeliner, but rather a combo of - say - eyeshadow with duraline or similar? If you applied it with a liner brush you could be precise, and if you smudge kohl normally you could still do it as the shadow dries. The other option I’ve done in the past when my liner has run up my lid is to set the liner with the same coloured shadow, rather than the lid. Depends how strong you want the line to be, I guess. GL :slight_smile:


@jenemm I HAVE actually been thinking about this but am always worried I can’t keep things as precise as I would with a liner. Setting with the same coloured shadow is a good idea though! I usually use a black liner but when I’ve had my makeup professionally done before I’ve loved it when they just use a darker brown eyeshadow to line my eyes… I just feel a bit out of my depth trying to do it myself!