Setting Sprays

Setting Sprays


Do you guys use them? Are they good? Should I use one?

In my travels through the Gerard page on the Adore Beauty site I keep coming across their setting sprays and am super curious about what difference it would make to my routine?


I really like the skindinavia - bridal spray. It makes my makeup bullet proof and last for up to 16 hours. It’s tears,sweat and water resistant. It also leaves your foundation with slightly dewy finish, instead of leaving your face wet.


I’m loving the Slay all day setting spray by Gerard, is using the grapefruit one at the moment and it smells Devine , keeps makeup on all day without feeling oily which is a bonus for me because I have very oily skin naturally :kiss::kiss:


@azilinasinclair yes that’s the spray I was looking at! So the smell is great too huh? Does it give you a nice dewey finish?


It’s amazing Hun , yes definitely a nice fresh Dewey finish ; amazing amazing amazing :wink:


Personally I’d say it’s an amazing and worthwhile investment , I want to eventually have the whole collection :rose::gift: