Shampoo & conditioners expiring?

Shampoo & conditioners expiring?


Today, I had an awful epiphany that spurred me to get rid of a lot of my shampoos & conditioners…

I went through my shower and removed anything I was suspicious about after I opened the lid and found mould in something I swear I didn’t open that long ago, ew. :mask:

I was reading that shampoo & conditioner is meant to last at least a year, but most people keep their product in the shower where it can be damp, with variable temperatures…

Now I dunno! Has anyone else thought about this? Thoughts? Horror stories?
Does anyone have a rule of thumb, please help! Hahaha!


I’ve never thought about this. Although I think I usually go through my bottles of shampoo within a year.
Occasionally I get the odd bottle that might sit around longer and mould does start to form around the lid/opening area which grosses me out but now that you’ve mentioned INSIDE the bottle I’m going to be checking more often!!