How many times do you wash with shampoo in one wash.


Depends on the shampoo. For most I’m fine with just 1 wash but I’ve previously tried using some natural shampoos that are SLS free and I find I always need to wash twice with those as they don’t foam up as well.


I wash twice. But only because I use heaps of dry shampoo and styling products.


Always twice! I figure it’s similar to face cleansing in that the first was gets the product off/out and the second does the final clean and actually cleanses the hair.

I do think shampoo bottles should be 30% bigger than conditioner for this very reason. I always finish shampoo long before the conditioner.


I agree, hairdresser says I should try to leave my hair at least three days till next wash. So I need to use more dry shampoo in the mean time.


I use twice my shampoo to was my hair