Sheet Masks 101: Which One Is Right For Your Skin Type?

Sheet Masks 101: Which One Is Right For Your Skin Type?


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I love a good clay mask, but sometimes I just don’t have the time to go through the whole process (and the mess), so I grab a sheet mask out of my stash instead. That way, I know I’m guaranteed similar results, but without the extra steps involved with my usual clay or enzyme masks.

Sheet masks, much like other topical masks, aren’t one-size-fits-all, so I’ve put together some of my favourites so you can find one to cater to your skin type and preferences.


The Natural Option:

I recommend: Edible Beauty Express Bloom of Youth Infusion Mask

This sheet mask smells amazing, which shouldn't come as a surprise because it's made from 100% bamboo (fully biodegradable) and packed full of exotic botanical extracts, plus it also boasts some serious anti-ageing benefits.

- The mask works to efficiently refine, plump and illuminate the skin
  • Allows concentrated doses of active ingredients to infuse into the skin

  • Enhances skin firmness whilst promoting unique cell renewal

  • Contains Ribose, Hyaluronic Acid, Australian Lime Caviar & Pomegranate

  • The skin is left feeling smoother, deeply moisturised & more radiant

★★★★★ One of my favourites - Danielle

"By far one of my favourite masks ever! Even my partner noticed how much of a glow my skin would have the day after, these are the perfect masks to use before a big event, they definitely give your skin that glow that everyone wants! Only downfall is I wish there were more in a pack I love them that much!"

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The Pre-Makeup Option:

I recommend: Estée Lauder Double Wear 3 Minute Moisture Priming Mask

I love this express mask - it's so handy that you only need to put it on for 3 minutes and I love the concept that it's a 'priming' mask, so you can chill out for 3 minutes prior to doing your makeup.
  • This primer-in-mask creates a perfectly primed canvas

  • Like a normal primer, it allows makeup to glide on evenly & smoothly

  • It’s nourishing & moisturising so it replenishes the skin & improves texture

  • Infused with Algae & Cucumber Extract to help calm & soothe skin

  • Simply leave it on for 3 mins before removing & massaging in remaining product

★★★★★ Must-have for special occasions - Nirali

"I found it really hydrating - it left my skin super smooth and I could feel it was more plump. I preferred this over the popular SK-II Treatment Mask, and would definitely use it again before doing a full face of makeup for a wedding or important event. It's a bit more expensive than the usual sheet mask I'd buy, but it's worth it for the results."

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The Anti-Ageing Option

I recommend: Mirenesse Power Lift Dermal Firm Face Mask

All your anti-ageing powerhouse ingredients in one easy-to-use sheet mask! This medical-grade mask adheres to your face to effectively deliver a series of potent active ingredients to the skin.
  • It slowly shrinks after application to tighten & tone the skin

  • This mask hydrates, lifts facial contours & increases brightness

  • Leaves the face feeling supple & smooth and looking radiant & revived

  • Helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles

  • Use it for 15-20 minutes once a week for the best results

★★★★★ Power lift - Carlene

I use many Mirenesse products and this is one of my favourites. It leaves my skin smooth and moisturised like no other product I have ever tried. It is my special treat - my Mirenesse mask, a glass of nice wine and my favourite magazine. Just bliss!!"

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