Shower Shelfie

Shower Shelfie


Share a shower shelfie! The good, the die-hard favourites, the embarrassing and the “where did that even come from?”… share your shelf for a laugh.


Wow! :open_mouth: Too many shower essentials! :heart_eyes: and properly arranged too. :slight_smile: I haven’t taken a photo of my shower shelf as it’s currently unorganized. Haha. :smiley:


Haha @cherylcequina, that was my first thought as well when I saw this post! Not going to lie, I did a quick tidy up. Here’s my shower “shelfie” :blush:


Hah @cherylcequina I thought it looked rather unorganised!

There’s my husbands things mixed in with mine, the 6 year olds shampoo (is it stingy to buy them cheap stuff knowing they end up using four times too much when washing their own hair?) :joy: and also products that I use once a week (like the tub of body scrub and a facial exfoliant) that really should get put away.

My favourite on the shelf is the Kevin Murphy shampoo and conditioner. I feel so special using those bottles!


@christined whats in the little dermalogica jar?


@tresnalee it’s the Dermalogica Superfoliant freebie I got from Adore Beauty a few weeks ago! It’s a charcoal based powder that you rub into a paste and use on your face to cleanse away dirt and resurface etc. Really liking it! Might have to go back in for the full bottle!


@christined charcoal! Interesting. It seems like charcoal is all the rage now in body products and even things you eat! I’ve seen charcoal water and charcoal toast. What’s so great about charcoal I wonder?


@tresnalee all I know is that charcoal is a good detoxifier and helps pull out impurities and toxins apparently! I guess that works for both your inside and outside :slight_smile:


@christined This makes me smile! :blush: Shelfie worthy indeed! :heart_eyes: I am always guilty of quick tidy up before I take a selfie or a photo of my stuff. :blush:


@cherylcequina we want to see your shelfie! :blush:


It’s used in emergency rooms to treat patients who have overdosed or ingested something harmful. it absorbs the chemicals before the body absorbs them. I personally can’t see what they can possibly achieve on your skin unless you’ve been smearing poison on it.


The body scrub! I need to know more about this! I have been trying to find a really great one.
I keep getting little shaving spots on my legs that I want to get away. But if I use something too harsh my skin gets rashy.
Let me know your secrets!! :yum: