Silk pillowcases!

Silk pillowcases!


Do you notice a difference? Frizzy haired girls tell us please :wink:


Oh I’ve never tried a silk pillow case @ninasapountsis. I’ve heard it’s great for your skin to help stop creasing but never heard about hair. I’m also a frizzy haired gal so would love to hear if this works!


I am keen to try one of these for the skincare benefits! Apparently they soak up less of your moisturisers etc.


Yes apparently cotton (or regular) pillowcases are like snaggy sponges - which is always a bummer if you’ve spent your pay-check on lovely moisturises like I do haha! I’ve only heard anecdotal evidence so far so I’m keen for my next pay-check to go towards silky pillowcases!


I have used a silk pillow case for many years and absolutely love it. I use it more for a skincare and eyelash point of view (I have eyelash extensions and cotton cases tend to pull them out), as my hair is fairly manageable.

One thing I can recommend is getting one in a darker colour - a charcoal or black. I had a white silk pillowcase for a while but because of all my glorious serums it turned a funny colour. Whoops!


Does a silk pillowcase help to stop face creases? I sometimes wake up with the most epic creases I my face.


@tresnalee Yes they do! You slip and slide all night so no face creases!


Where do you buy them from?


I bought mine from Slip Silk Pillowcase online. It comes in the loveliest box too! I wish Adore sold them!


Watch this space @jackie_d :spy:


Absolutely love my silk pillowcase and find it does help with your hair too! I wake up with less frizz. Completely agree with one of the above comments about getting a darker colour. My white one is marked from my face products.


@lauramanners are they hard to wash though, being silk?


I just wash it normally however I use Adair’s Laundry Detergent and it comes up fine then just air dry on the clothes horse x


I would love to buy one. The Sheridan silk pillowcases are about $100.00 a pair, maybe more? Do they really make a difference to your skin as I have heard they iron out creases/lines on the face???.. Does anyone know.


Silk pillowcases are almost number 1 when it comes to preventing wrinkles and fine lines. I also try J.Lo’s tip of sleeping on her back and having pillows either side of her head :joy: :+1:


I know Sheridan stock them - and they often have sales.


Yesssss i swear by mine for hair and skin. And a wonderful sleep!


I wash mine on the ‘hand wash’ setting on the washing machine and then air dry. Easy peasy.