Skin care tools

Skin care tools


Let’s talk skincare hardware! What do you have? What do you use? What do you have but don’t use?


Clarisonic - I have the Mia Fit and really like it. I have had other Clarisonics previously (first a Pro, then a Mia 2) and I like the Fit best so far. Somehow it seems gentler than the others? The battery definitely lasts way longer than the Mia 2, and I also dig the 90-second deep cleanse mode (which I used last night after getting home from an international trip). I use it most days (just in regular mode) and do notice that my pores get much less clogged when I use it regularly.

FOREO Luna 2 - I use this interchangeably with the Clarisonic, it’s extremely gentle which is good for days when I’ve overdone it on the retinol :blush: TBH I don’t really use the “wrinkle mode”. The battery lasts FOREVER. Literally I have not had to recharge it yet and I have had it for months. No brush heads to change, but I feel like it doesn’t give me as clean a feeling as the Clarisonic Mia Fit.

Skinrolla dermal roller 0.2mm - OK so this is a bit more hardcore. It is a roller with tiny tiny needles on. Basically designed to help serums penetrate better, and also to stimulate your skin to plump itself up. Sounds kind of medieval, but it is not that painful and does make a difference in my experience. I use mine once or twice a week.


I don’t currently use anything but did buy myself a dermal roller last year. I tried it once but it freaked me out a little. I thought perhaps it might be better left to the professionals for fear of looking like a vampire after I’m done with my face. :fearful:
How much pressure do you apply when using the dermal roller?


I don’t use much pressure at all with the dermal roller, I just roll it lightly over the skin. There definitely shouldn’t be any blood with a 0.2mm roller!! :innocent:


Even with a 0.5mm roller you wont get any blood Christined. Mild pressue is fine. You can actually get right in there with a 0.2mm roller and still wont get blood. Te points are too short and wont do any damage. Just make sure you lift off before you change direction to avoid grazing. Enjoy!


Thanks @The_Beauty_Addict! :blue_heart:
I’m going to give it a whirl again. How long does it normally take before you see results?


Hi. I am using Belo Essentials products because they are Paraben free. :slight_smile: