Skincare for a long-haul flight

Skincare for a long-haul flight


June! Freezing + gross in Melbourne, warm and delicious in Europe (or Thailand… or Hawaii.)

I’ve finally developed a top-notch skincare routine at home but how do I bring that on to a plane? I’d love to hear what your skincare routine is like on a flight - do you spritz, over-moisturise, face mask?

Or do you just kick back with a mimosa and a bad film?



Oh gosh I’m terrible with this… Mimosa and film is usually more my style. I’d like to get better at this though. The whole 100ml per bottle on board can make this tricky as well. A few things I try and keep in my carry on every time though.

  • Good moisturising lip balm. Boy do my lips crack on a plane! I currently use Salus Vanilla lip balm

  • A small travel hand moisturiser is also nice to have. I’ve currently got both an Aesop Resurrection Hand Balm and a Salus hand cream on the go

  • Some roll on deodorant! Although I’ve also just ordered the Axilla paste so suspect this will be a good one to travel with as well.

  • Aesop hand sanitiser!! It creeps me out thinking what gross germs are around the plane so nice to keep this on hand when you can’t be bothered lining up for the bathroom to wash your hands before snacks and meals.

Also, If I’m getting picked up at the airport by someone eg. That friend I haven’t seen in 3 years who I don’t want to see me looking like death so they think I let myself go since I last saw them, I whack an eyeliner and some mineral powder foundation in my bag so I can quickly whip it on before I land and look fresh as a daisy! :sunglasses:


I have a couple of things I always have with me! Given that I have little else to do except read and nap, there’s a few beauty rituals I like to do…

I know others like to look glam on the plane but if I’m on a long-haul flight I tend to not care so much if I’m the odd one out. If it means people leave me alone, then so much the better :wink:

  1. Priority 1: Hydrating, then hydrating some more.
    I remove my makeup, and slap on a mask. Flights are awful for your skin, so you want something heavy duty.
    If I had to pick one product, I’d choose the Weleda Skinfood! I use this on my face and hands, paying attention to the cuticles. Other good ones include the Lanolips 101 Ointment. Two in one products yeeeeah.

  2. Priority 2: Face Masks!
    Dermalogica Hydrating Mask is perfect for this, it’s very hydrating and is clear so you don’t look too odd! It also removes very clearly if you need to reapply makeup etc before jumping off the plane.

  3. Priorty 3: Hydrating… some more.
    Face mists - anything that isn’t in a pressurised can is essential. I like travel size mists, like the ones in the Dermalogica Skin Kits! As a bonus they tend to smell good, unlike planes…


I love the triple hydration priority here @Shannon_Staff!

I’m all for being hydrated on a plane so this involved moisturisers for face and body, lip balm, eye drops and also nose spray! I skip makeup unless it’s a short 1-2 hour flight and make sure I have a face mask in my luggage for the evening of arrival.

While it’s fun to drink on a plane, I restrict myself to one glass of wine or one cup of tea (or both if it’s a super long flight) and stick to water and herbal teas instead. I pack my own tea bags so I can have something familiar and delicious.


Wow, thanks for these priority tips @Shannon_Staff! I’ll be on a long flight (for the first time!) in September and these tips are helpful. Usually, I only apply face beauty lotion + light powder + lipstick and bring a bottle of water when taking shorter flights. Most of my flights were just 45-60 min. But this one in September will take 3-4 hours. So I think the key would be to keep hydrated. :slight_smile:


@cherylcequina are you flying interstate or internationally? Once it’s international the other annoying thing is making sure that the beauty products you bring with you on the plane are all in small 100ml or smaller bottles in your carry on for security reasons.


I always travel with a hydration spray in my handbag, even just for short flights. Currently it’s Jane Iredale D20; I’ve also liked the Intraceuticals one. As soon as I get off the flight I head straight to the bathroom and do two layers of mist, which seems to do the trick without making my makeup slide everywhere.


@christined internationally. :slight_smile: I’m going to Singapore for 5 days. It’s my first international trip. :slight_smile:


I completely agree!! Hydrating your skin is the most important part about flying. I love Mario badescu rose spray throughout the flight :heart_eyes: