Skincare for Acne scars?

Skincare for Acne scars?


Hi there,
I’m a 22 year old woman with oily skin and have scars from my teenage years of acne :frowning: While I can now get rid of more recent scars with retinol or AHAs, I don’t like Alpha H as it made my skin very dry and flaky! Is there anything anyone can recommend? I’ve heard that Asap range or Dermalogica might held but I really don’t want to waste my money!
Current regime:
Trilogy balancing gel cleanser
Avene spray
Trilogy mist
Kiehls clearly corrective dark spot serum
Kate Somerville oily skin moisturiser
Origins ginzing eye cream
Mecca to save face for sensitive skin sunscreen

Trilogy balancing gel cleanser
Avene spray
Trilogy mist
A serum (either Sunday riley luna retinol oil, or Kiehls midnight recovery oil)
Kate Somerville oily skin moisturiser
Origins ginzing eye cream

Twice a week I will use Alpha H Liquid Gold in lieu of serum and moisturiser.


@Gossipgirl111 how deep are the scars? Are they pitted scars? I’ve heard that derma rolling works really well if that’s an avenue you’d consider? Otherwise I’ve heard that the Alpha H Liquid rose gold is more hydrating. Perhaps that could be better for you than the classic liquid gold?


Hi there @Gossipgirl111 I have adult acne scars from my 20’s and 30’s - the physical pitting as @christined says really needs in clinic assistance, dermarolling can get great results depending on the type of pitting you’ve been left with. For the PIH (Post- inflammatory hyperpigmentation) I’d be looking at adding niacinamide and azaleic acid to your routine along with Vit C. I’d suggest niacinamide am and pm - vit c am and azaleic acid in the pm for treatment and look at some hyalauronic acid for extra moisture. Also not too sure what your what the avene spray (I think this is just water?) would really be adding to your routine - so you can save your money there too. If you’re finding the Alpha H too strong, the liquid gold version is gentler as it has a lower ph and some added botanicals. Caroline Hirons blog is worth checking out for managing oily skin
as well. Good luck.


Hi everyone! Thanks for replying @tinamiller and @christined I don’t have pitted scars…to be honest I guess my scars are not that noticeable – they’re just darker than my skin tone, maybe two or three covered by concealer. I got the avene from an event so just using it for free atm haha! Thanks for recommending Alpha H Rose @christened - I might give that a go, although there are not too many online reviews available.

What niacinamide and vit C would you recommend @tinamiller? I have heard that the Ordinary’s vit C is good. At the moment, I am using Kiehl’s clearly corrective - which is apparently a Vit C serum and have seen some good results - although that may be due to the salicylic acid in it.


Hey @Gossipgirl111 you’re welcome! If it’s just discolouration you’re worried about then I would definitely try Vit C as mentioned by @tinamiller. I like this Vit C from The Ordinary.


Microdermabrasion is good for both scarring and discoloration.


Alpha H Liquid gold has worked WONDERS for all my acne scarring. Not only that, but has additional benefits of helping hydrate your skin and prevents ageing! Highly recommended, and is one of the worlds highest selling product.



Paula’s Choice is great & they have very good advice. (Google them)
I do like The Ordinary & it is a matter of reading up on what you need & they don’t cost very much at all!


Hi @christined. Slightly off topic but I thought you might be interested to know about the TO Vit C 30% in silicone. I like… feels really soft on the skin, makeup glides over it really beautifully (which I know can be an issue for the Vit C suspension) and has a little tingle to let you know that it’s doing something!. This is only day 2 - so we’ll see how we go.


@tinamiller Thanks for the update! I have been wondering how the Vit C 30% compares to the Vit C suspension. So I’m guessing the 30% is more potent? I do feel a bit limited by the grittiness of the suspension and only use it before sleeping. Let me know how it goes. Are you trialling it for a specific concern? Pigmentation? acne?


No grittiness at all. I had read though that it’s comparable in strength to the 23% because of the silicon - so a slightly higher percentage is required to get the same efficacy. I’m using it for pigmentation that developed during my 3 pregnancies - what I’d been using previously was actually only an overall ‘brightening’ product it was the TO Ascorbyl Glucoside Solution 12% if you were wondering. I was advised that this isn’t considered a pigmentation blaster - the TO website isn’t very clear around this annoyingly.


Thanks for your advice! @tinamiller, @christined @bridgetlockyer , @annettebisinella and @karenlangford1 . I have ordered the Ordinary’s Niacinamide and am currently using it AM and PM before moisturiser. So far, so good - was worried I’d have a reaction like some other reviewers but no problems here. In fact it’s promoted a dry patch near my skin, which I exfoliated with Sukin supergreens scrub - really good I find. Will report back in a couple of weeks RE acne blemishes/PIH!


Also keen to try the Vit C and am thinking aout the silicone one. from my meanderings on the web, it seems that the suspension is more of a PM product, but may react with the niacinamide.


@Gossipgirl111 - I never used the 23% suspension - mainly due to the not so great reviews - but I’m enjoying the silicone based one - it feels really soft and primer like - I use it after my water based serums. I’ve just been using the niacinamide at night and the Vit C in the morning which seems to be working fine. Interestingly I have seen the odd person (they’ve been qualified to have an opinion) say that they don’t think that there should be any issue using Nia + Vit C together - I’m just hedging my bets and not using them together!


I’m trying Alpha-H now!! I’ve stopped using the Ordinary (although I still have several products) as I really just wanted a simple straight forward routine so decided to follow all of the amazing advice and give Alpha-H a try. I emailed them to ask advice and got such a super friendly helpful response from them - way above and beyond the response I got from Deceim.

I’ve started with triple action cleanser, essential hydration cream, liquid gold smoothing and perfecting mask and the instant facial (which she advised I start with and if my skin responds well then I can try Liquid Gold if I want). In a week my skin looks less red and a bit brighter so I’m going to stick with this for a while. Of course now I’m looking at what else from the range I can purchase and considering an eye cream, and possibly a hand cream as I’m on the hunt for my holy grail hand cream and yet to find one I love!


Hey @annettebisinella, how long did you need to use the Liquid Gold before there were noticeable results and what type of acne scarring did you have?