Skincare for sun damaged skin?

Skincare for sun damaged skin?
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Hi all,

My boyfriend was an avid sports player when he was younger and now his skin is paying for it.

Any suggestions on what to use for the damage? I've hammered into him the importance of sunscreen no matter what skin tone he already has :whipcrack:


Hello! I’m new here, from London and try almost everything! So, I hope I can pass on something helpful. When you say damage, do you mean red or dark blotches? rough, red skin all over? I imagine that sort of thing. The “holy grail” of cosmetic products for resurfacing the skin has, for several years, been the Obagi Nu-derm range.

They basically say that if you want real results you need to go deep into the skin and get those new cells up to the surface asap - without strong prescription strength ingredients, all that moisturisers do is smooth the dead skin cells on your face and claims of peptides etc burrowing their way deep into the epidermis is impossible without sufficient quantities of the active ingredient in the product and they don’t come close to that. Don’t know who’s right but I suspect Obagi have got a point!!You essentially cleanse and tone AM and PM and then apply the “treatment products”. I recall that in the morning you applied high strength (prescription strength potency I think) vitamin C serum [this is generally considered to be one of the best ingredients in facial creams etc]. You then applied the “hard man” “Clear” cream. This cream contains 4% hydroquinone, the intention being that this gets the skin cells turning over much faster thereby revealing more youthful, less pigmented skin. There has been some controversy over hydroquinone and its increasing - but I won’t go into that (cos I know v little about it!!). Hydroquinone gradually bleaches the skin slowly (once you complete the course, skin should be glowing and peachy, so you won’t be white as a ghost!) Big problem for me (I did the course twice) is that the Clear cream is so aggressive in improving your skin that, in my case, my whole face was red with flaky and sometimes painful patches around the nose. My First course was v bad for say 6 weeks and then gradually faded. I’d be sitting in a meeting and scratch my cheek or something and a flurry of red bits of skin floated down onto my suit - class!!

Then you apply exfoderm cream in AM (exfoliating cream which in “forte” strength also dries out and reddens skin). And finally (phew!) you cover your face in 30 plus SPF. New skin is much more vulnerable to damaging effects of sun so SPF much more important than usual.

Now, in the morning, even I got fed up spending 20 minutes just applying Obagi and then dealing with their suncream which is a) v oily and b) white (I think they do a far better one now which is slightly tinted like a v discreet primer). I didn’t know at the time (thanks skin doc!!) but they do a v basic moisturiser called “Action” which you can use to relieve tight dry skin throughout the day. Plus you have to do whatever on your eyes ( I don’t rate their Elastiderm eye cream) get dressed etc - it regularly took me well over an hour to get out of the house.

Evening, cleanse, tone, more Clear then a mix of “Blender” (almost exactly like Clear - contains 4% hydroquinone) with tretinoin cream. This is a prescription strength retinol product - used on its own I gather it really hammers the skin. So in the evning, you’ve given yourself another fat wallop of high power chemical tough guys, plus taken more time etc.

Funnily enough, when I used the products I didn’t mind the redness and complex procedure - I felt I was really improving myself, and pretty quickly you see a change. I had noticed a small patch of grey pigmentation and after about 10 days I saw it had completely vanished. I got to the point where my skin was much clearer and fresher (no noticeable effect on lines) with infrequent bits of red flare up. However, I hated having to apply succh high doses of sun protection all the time - always looked white which I’d then have to cover), time commitment became wearisome and my skin became so clear that my big dark eye circles and broken veins (yes I’m hideous) stood out like they’d been drawn on.

Won’t bore you with second round as I suspect there is no way that your husband will follow this regime! But it really does work.

Priore collection of expensive treatments is apparently far less aggressive on skin but takes much longer to take effect - but it does have some effect. I have tried many creams, serums etc and I think the claims made about resurfacing the skin are, well, perhaps (very) overinflated. My skin is awful at the moment following a long illness so I clean with Clarisonic (sounds stupid but isn’t), exfoliate a few times a week, use a fancy Perricone moisturiser and every few days mix a few drops of face self tan with everyday moisturiser and rub it v carefully all over face (pat on and then rub in carefully - even a low dose of fake tan can produce the dreaded orange patch if not handled carefully). My fave self tan face is Clarins fair strength. Clinique and new st tropez gradual fair tan are also good - and darphin!! I then put a v slightly tinted primer on. Again I suspect that this sort of regime is v unlikely to appeal to your husband!!

So your next option is lasers and/or peels. They come in all strengths and many varied types. Lasers are probably better for sun damage. Maybe a course of 6 low level Fraxel laser treatments might suit your husband. Not very painful (and don’t expect miracles) but all hubby has to do is slap on loads of suncream and carry some round with him all day. High SPF sprays are great for during in the day (just thought, are you in Oz?! If so I guess I can shut up about sunscreen!). Sorry I took so long - hope you find a good solution.