Skincare or makeup?

Skincare or makeup?
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Do we prefer to spend money on our skin care or makeup??


Definitely skincare for me @kristadimarco. If my skin is looking awesome I feel much less need to apply makeup.


Skin care for sure! Because with enough luck, we need less make up with good skin care.


Totally agree. The better your skin, the less makeup is required (for me personally)


I read a quote years ago that said you should spend 80% of your budget on skincare and 20% on makeup, and ive done this ever since!


Love this!


absolutely skin care! I think anyone who is serious about skincare would have this same opinion. Bad skin looks bad, with make up or without, haven’t you noticed? Make up can only do so much… My opinion is, that once your skin starts showing the signs of aging, foundations and powders are much more likely to make your skin look worse not better!! It seems to dry you out and settle in lines. Especially towards the middle and end of the day. I have noticed this on myself and also on other people. Moisture is so important to aging skin!! Perhaps if you used a really expensive foundation this wouldn’t happen, but i’ve never been able to bring myself to spend alot of money to try a fancy foundation, so i guess i cant know for sure. If anyone would like to add their experience here on what foundations don’t dry you out, settle in to lines and generally make you look OLDER after midday, id be interested!

I very rarely wear foundation. Most often, if anything, i wear a BB cream or tinted moisturizer. I find i am much more happy with how my skin looks doing this then when i wear a foundation. Also, not wearing foundation means it is much easier to re apply sunscreen throughout the day. So i can use my AHAs regularly without worrying about making things worse with sun damage (since AHAs make you so sensitive to the sun). I just always carry around some facial wipes and sunscreen with me, and usually in the middle of the day and sometimes again at about 3pm (depending how long i am outdoors) i wipe my face down and reapply a good hydrating, non greasy sunscreen (love the japanese Kao biore aqua rich sunscreen, so good, so cheap) and sometimes a BB cream too on top of it. Maybe blush. Besides, with everything i am doing skin care wise, my skin has a good even tone and texture, i don’t need a foundation. I mainly just use mascara, lipstick and blush as makeup.