Skinstitut Brightening Range

Skinstitut Brightening Range


I just purchased the Skinstitut Brightening Range. Has anyone else tried their products? I had a facial at a day spa yesterdsy and instantly fell in love with the products. I purchased the Lactic Cleanser, 14% Glycolic Scrub, Retinol, and 100% Vitamin C. I decided to purchase a different brand of 50+SPF facial sunscreen because the beauty therapist told me that the Skinstitut brand is quite thick and oily, not good for wearing under makeup. I also didn’t purchase their moisturiser purely because I recently bought Villa Thalgo brightening cream and want to finish that first. I’d love to hear from people who have tried these products. Did they help with your pigmentation? Did they make your skin appear brighter?


I’ve only just started using the Skinstitut Lactic Cleanser @MelissaD. I don’t think I’ve used it enough to see a difference yet although I’m worried it’s a bit drying to use everyday. Will be curious to hear your thoughts. My skin pigments easily after I get a blemish so I’m hoping it helps “brighten” and lighten!


I’ve been using that cleanser, scrub and retinal for several months now and love them. I definitely notice my skin looks better the morning after I’ve used the retinol I’ve just starting trying out products from The Ordinary and are now torn as to which I want to continue with!
What’s the vitamin C like?


I’ve been using the vitamin C for about a week and loving it so far! I actually got complimented on how nice my skin looked by a customer after only 2 uses so you get results pretty much instantly. Pigmentation wise, I’m lucky and don’t have much but it has brightened up my skin and it has overall evened out my complexion a bit. Then again, it’s only been a week so I guess with further use it will probably improve a lot more…?

The easiest way to use it is to mix it in with a water-based serum as it’s pure ascorbic acid which is water soluble - I mix it with my Hylamide low molecular HA serum. The only thing I don’t like is the packaging… it’s really hard to shake the powder into your hand and hard to get an equal amount every time. I really hope they consider reformulating the packaging!


@georgiaharrison oh interesting so the Vit C comes in powder form? For basic use are you just meant to add a touch of water and turn it into a paste and apply on your skin?


yes it’s pure l-ascorbic acid powder! I think you’re meant to mix it into other skincare products (moisturiser/serum), I’m not too sure about water?


Thank you for the feedback! I’m so torn between The Original, and Skinstitut. While the latter is more expensive everything is such a great size and it lasts soooo long. And I do love the idea of just having a few set products to use, rather then mixing and matching. Bit lazy I guess!

I’m using the Vitamin C 23% from The Ordinary but I think I might give the Skinstitut a try.

@christined it can be mixed with quite a few things, which makes it quite interesting and versatile. This might help :wink:

I was looking at getting rosehip oil, but I’ve just read the multi active oil from Skinstitut contains it, plus Coenzyme Q10, Macadamia, and Avocado oil!


How are you liking The Ordinary vitamin C? I was really tempted to get it then remembered I had the skinstitut one that I had bought ages ago in the back of my cupboard… I forgot about it until like a week ago! (haha oops) So I think going to use up the Skinstitut before I try any others :slight_smile:


It’s my first time using vitamin c so I can’t compare it, but I like it. I was warned it had a gritty texture so I wasn’t surprised and it doesn’t bother me. It also stings/burns at first which I also expected so wasn’t bothered and didn’t last long. After 5 or so uses it doesn’t sting now. I put a little HA on first and the grit is less noticeable.

I’m actually considering trying the skinstitut to compare.